US court says Bill Cosby should pay $500,000 to woman who raped her 42 years ago

Judy Huss (third from left) and his attorneys celebrate as they raise their hands at the Santa Monica High Court in Los Angeles, California, USA, on the 21st (local time). Los Angeles = Associated Press American comedian Bill Cosby, 84, who was released from prison last year after serving a sentence for sex crimes, has […]

Where has the endangered polar bear found refuge?

Greenland polar bear lives on freshwater ice, not sea iceLiving in isolation and estimating evolution according to the environment A female polar bear and two one-year-old bear cubs walk on a Greenland glacier in March 2015. Greenland = AP News A herd of polar bears has been discovered living in a muddy freshwater glacier in […]

Megawave Nearly Sweeps Pedestrians From Seaside Sidewalk

The bride and groom above were practically swept away by a huge wave during a photo shoot on a beach in Laguna Beach, California (USA) Montagem/R7 The act, made by a witness, was obtained and shared by ABC7 channel. Playback/Video/ABC7 While the bride and groom prepared for the clicks… Playback/Video/ABC7 … a very strong wave […]

[단독] U.S. virtually opposes joining Korea Quad… CRS “Exclusion of Korea causes criticism”

U.S. “Currently, we are not considering adding a quad to Korea”The focus is on strengthening stability rather than new member statesBiden does not confirm participation in Korean working group CRS “traditional bilateral alliances as marginal beings”Quad launched without a strong economic foundation‘Weak link’ raises doubts about cohesion such as India President Yoon Seok-yeol and US […]

“Our little hero”… Zelensky awarded medal for detection dog that found 200 mines

35cm Russell Terrier… More than 200 explosives were detected in the North.Active on social media becomes famous… Zelensky “Small but famous engineer” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a visit to Ukraine’s capital Kiiu on the 8th (local time). UPI Yonhap News A detection dog that discovered more than […]

Naked in the sacred tree?… Dirty couple at risk of deportation from Bali

Russian influencer Alina Pazliva (center) and her husband Andrei Pazliv (left) attend a press conference in Denpasar, Indonesia, on the 6th, after being deported for taking nude photos inside a sacred tree on the Indonesian island of Bali. Denpasar = AFP Yonhap News A Russian influencer couple were on the verge of being deported three […]