Thomas Pesquet will participate in a giant dictation from space

500 people will gather outdoors in Paris to listen to astronaut Thomas Pesquet dictate a text to them from space. Posted on 4/09/2021 at 08:29 Through Writing with AFP Lovers of space and words are invited on Sunday to participate in a giant dictation, which will be read in orbit by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet […]

Photographer creates buzz by reproducing images of Thomas Pesquet taken from space

Using ingredients and objects he finds at home. From the International Space Station (ISS), French astronaut Thomas Pesquet regularly posts magnificent photos of the earth seen from space on Twitter. Images that gave ideas to Ludwig Wallendorff. The photographer has indeed embarked on an original project: to reproduce the photos in his own way, using […]

Lau: the drummer who, from London, made her way solo

At the edge of the convulsed 2000, she was still Laura Fares (43) and felt that she was surviving, rather than living, while working nine hours in a printing company to pay for her university studies. And like many Argentines at that time, he did not hesitate when he had the opportunity to emigrate looking […]

The Hubble space telescope down for several days

NASA is working to solve the problem on this telescope, which has been in service for 30 years. The Hubble telescope has been in space for 30 years, yet it has been unresponsive for the past few days. NASA said on Friday June 18 that it was working ” to solve the problem “. The […]

Echoes of Biden from Europe – Column of Luis Carlos Villegas – Columnists – Opinion

After four years of caprice and one-sidedness, Biden’s tour is reassuring. The flickering peace board was reviewed at the multilateral and bilateral levels; in the political, military and commercial. Preceded by a journey by Secretary Blinken to prepare the fields, the first trip brings good news, notifications, bailouts of alliances and exercise of the position […]

The law of credit contracts, against the imposition of products from banks

The Law regulating real estate credit contracts (LCCI) has complied two years, Y Jose Angel Martinez Sanchiz, president of the General Council of Notaries, has indicated that, with this, “they have increased the transparency and legal security of mortgage loans “, in a meeting attended by ‘Information’. The regulations were created to guarantee the free […]

“They had been together for 60 years …”

Posted on Saturday, June 12, 2021 at 05h55 Through arnaud bishop Thursday morning, help was required in an apartment located at 62 Boulevard d’Avroy in Liège. When they arrived on the scene, the Liège police had discovered real carnage. An 87-year-old lady had just been stabbed in the back by Etienne, her 78-year-old husband. The […]