Accused of incest, singer Ricky Martin faces 50 years in prison Fox News

A lawyer from singer Ricky Martin has denied accusations that the Puerto Rican singer abused his nephew, calling them ‘not only false’ but ‘disgusting’. Martin received a restraining order in early July, citing domestic abuse. On Friday, TMZ reported that the singer’s brother, Eric Martin, identified the alleged victim as Martin’s 21-year-old nephew. According to […]

the legend continues, but at what cost?

NARRATIVE – If the contemporaries of the Beatles have not sold records for ages, they now have no rivals on stage. The time of two concerts in France, the group born in 1962 will delight its public. The myth never ceases to shine. For the best? They were formed in 1962. Six decades have passed, […]

Complicated state of health for the singer according to close sources

With more than 45 years of artistic career, Julio Iglesias he became one of the most successful singers of all time. In turn, his fame has increased due to the memes that have circulated on social networks that link the artist with his homonymous month. However, far from humor and according to nearby sourcesthe composer […]

Bibie, very slowly, too slowly

By Olivier Nuc Published 8 hours ago, Update 7 hours ago The singer Bibie, in 1989, in Paris. Eric Fougere – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images THE SINGERS OF A SINGLE TUBE (3/6) – The singer well launched in Africa signs a tube in France. Paradoxically, he will extinguish his career. Everyone knows their catchy refrains […]

Index – FOMO – Ricky Martin sucks everyone’s pants off

In the past few days, the news has come to light that Ricky Martin’s ex-lover, with whom they allegedly formed a couple for seven months, requested a restraining order against him, but the romance finally ended more than two months ago. According to a newspaper report, the singer could not process the loss, so he […]

Velvet – Gummy Candy – Judy started pole dancing

Compared to recent years, the singer’s body image is much more realistic, and she has not tortured herself for quite some time. Judy recently lost 10 kilos with the help of a scientific formula, so now she can finally look in the mirror with satisfaction, which rarely happened before. In fact, he recently tried two […]

Baritone Guillem Batllori says goodbye to the Lower Rhine

July 1, 2022 at 11:00 a.m Theaters in Krefeld and Moenchengladbach : Baritone Guillem Batllori says goodbye Baritone Guillem Batllori was a member of the Niederrhein Opera Studio until the end of the season. Photo: Dirk Jochmann/Jochmann, Dirk (dj) Krefeld The Catalan singer Guillem Batllori was at the Opernstudio Niederrhein for several years – now […]