The story of big and small poets

Thirty years ago today, I started hearing that there is no great poet, there is no great writer now. I used to think that Munir Niazi exists, Faraz Sahib is a more powerful poet than Faiz, Zia-ul-Haq acknowledged the greatness of Akhtar Hussain Jafri by threatening him with subtlety, but then this is being put […]

Elon Musk Considers Imposing Monthly Fee on ‘X’ Users to Combat Bots

New logo, another name, payment services, layoffs… Elon Musk has not stopped implementing changes in ‘X’, the old Twitter, and it seems that the tycoon is still not satisfied with the social network that he bought in October 2022 for 44,000 million dollars. He has now revealed that he is considering imposing a monthly fee […]

More small and medium producers will join the export chain

ADEX and Agroideas signed an institutional collaboration agreement. They will be from the agricultural, livestock and non-timber forestry sectors, who will be able to access new markets thanks to the coordination with exporters. Small and medium-sized agricultural producers, beneficiaries of the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri), Agroideas program, will be able to access […]

Small .. Duties and rights

Supporting and encouraging micro-stores and their small and medium sisters is an act that leads to achieving noble goals that benefit the people and the country, and undoubtedly results in enhancing the incomes of individuals and families, just as it provides goods at the lowest prices compared to the necessity of those with limited incomes […]

Paula, Almonte’s little girl, successfully receives a bone marrow transplant

“Everything is great. At the moment, no incidence or any reaction.” These are the first words of Paula’s nurse, Ángela Feria. The eleven-year-old girl from Almonte underwent a bone marrow transplant this Thursday, an operation to combat leukemia that she was diagnosed with a few months ago and which lasted 55 minutes, for which the […]

73 small household washing machines tested, these two wash best

What is the best washing machine for households up to four people? And which one has the best value for money? The Consumers’ Association responds. No matter how you look at it, you have to wash. At least, if you want your clothes and other textiles to stay clean and fresh. It is therefore useful […]

Only cars and small vehicles will be able to transit through the Cusiana road

From the affected area, the governor of Boyacá, Ramiro Barragán Adame, called on the National Government to focus its attention on the Transversal del Sisga, a road that is totally closed due to collapse. The corridor registers subsidence of approximately 40 meters of the western lane, in Pr. 35 on the border between Tibirita, Cundinamarca […]

Russian Forces Shell Small Town in Eastern Ukraine, Killing Five and Injuring Dozens

The attacks hit the center of the small eastern Ukrainian town twice in 40 minutes, according to authorities. At least 31 people were injured. Russian forces shelled a small town in eastern Ukraine twice in quick succession on Monday night, killing at least five people, including an emergency worker who was responding to the first […]