The cheapest iPhone is already on sale in Argentina: how much does it cost?

He 64GB storage model will cost $ 83,000 in official Apple stores. Instead, the 128GB will be sold for $ 94,000. Both devices are offered with financing in 12 installments, at an extra cost of 12%. Plus, they have a one-year factory warranty. The arrival of the iPhone SE generated a boom in the US […]

Huawei and Motorola were the technology brands that grew the most in 2019

The one who decreased its participation in 2019 was LG, which gave its place to Motorola. In the market for users who purchase low-end and mid-range equipment, Alcatel remains one of the most important players in the country. However, The CIU also indicates that there was a lower increase in the purchase of cell phones […]

stylized notch and metallic edges

Related news Yes, it is amazing. We have not even a year with the iPhone 11 on the market and there are already rumors and leaks about the iPhone 12. There are already those who imagine it and it is no wonder; There are hundreds of theories and rumors (as well as predictions) of what […]

Samsung’s mid-range Galaxy A51 leads global smartphone sales in Q1 2020

MADRID, 14 (Portaltic/EP) 86 percent of global smartphone sales in the first quarter of 2020 correspond to Android terminals, and Samsung’s Galaxy A51 model is the one that has distributed the most devices in that period. Android device sales lead the global smartphone market, as highlighted by the Strategy Analytics consultancy. The data from its […]

filter all features in detail

Related news At this point there is little left to comment on the iPhone 12 that is not known. We have talked at length about them, and although we know practically everything about their design, there are many unknowns that escape us. Battery, processor … The YouTube channel Front Page Tech has revealed all the […]

Samsung and Apple prove it

Related news The mobile phones They have become essential pieces in the daily lives of billions of people around the world. Dozens of companies are aware of this and are trying to sell their best models on the market, although they are beginning to change their strategy. Until very recently, firms such as Apple or […]

HUAWEI AppGallery: Find your route through the best applications to get around

Lima is a city of almost 10 million inhabitants. It is bigger than Bogotá, Santiago de Chile and even Rio de Janeiro and therefore, moving around its streets, whether from home to the supermarket or returning from your workplace to your home, implies knowing the main routes in the city maybe some shortcuts to get […]

iPhone 9 Plus, the surprise that Apple would be preparing leaks

Related news That Apple is very close to introducing the iPhone 9 is something we already knew. It is not clear if that will be the name finally chosen, or if it will be called iPhone SE2; the gap it will occupy in the market is the same, after all. However, everything indicates that Apple […]

Selena Gomez released her new video clip, shot entirely with an iPhone 11 Pro

Recording a video clip entirely with a smartphone can sound experimental or amateurish. Or maybe it depends on which smartphone we are using. In the case of Selena Gomez, it is clear: she filmed her new music video on an iPhone 11 Pro. And certainly, if nobody clarified it, we would not notice it either. […]