Musk breaks the rules with his offer to buy Twitter

Billionaire and Tesla boss Elon Musk announced last week that he wanted to buy Twitter. It already has a 9.2 percent share in the operator of the social network of the same name, making it its largest shareholder. More than two-thirds of the $ 46.5 billion (1.05 trillion crowns) package that Musk intends to buy […]

Eco Info – Elon Musk’s Twitter Raid

Published on : 15/04/2022 – 11:09 Elon Musk has made a bid at $54.20 a share to buy out all of Twitter, a hostile take-it-or-leave-it raid that has been rocking the social network. The group’s board of directors met on Thursday without taking a decision, but one of the main shareholders has already said that […]

in China, what is the “great translation movement”?

The Chinese press has spoken very little of Boutcha, in Ukraine. State media did not report the massacre except to quote the Kremlin saying it was staged. A distortion of reality exposed by Chinese speakers who, since the beginning of the conflict, have been working to translate pro-Russian comments and positions that have swept over […]

Stomach Vacuum, or how to look at your navel on Instagram

Ultrapopular on social networks, this exercise of the “sucked-up” abdomen, which bodybuilders know well, promises wasp waist and fewer centimeters. Just type the keyword #stomachvacuum on the internet to discover images of ultra-hollow belly, covered with hypnotizing undulations. A number of prominent fitness coaches (such as Lucile Woodward and Karoline Ro) demonstrate her interest in […]

Farmer gives R$ 1.3 million to anyone who marries his daughter

A wealthy farmer in Thailand made a bizarre proposal on social media, leaving netizens stunned. The business offer where the object to be traded would simply be his daughter. The man offers his company and his daughter to a good-natured and hardworking man who knows how to manage his belongings and marry his 26-year-old daughter. […]

Twitter returns to chronological order of latest tweets

The social network has tried an experiment: displaying the latest tweets in a tab alongside the normal feed, the one based on the algorithms of what we may have missed since the last visit. Problem, many did not like this display, especially because the home button always ended up returning to the classic stream. Also, […]

Jornal Médico – Evaluation of social networks can prevent death in people with epilepsy

A study by several scientific institutions concluded that social networks can serve to detect behaviors that precede sudden death in people with epilepsy, constituting an alert to prevent these situations. “The results of the study, published in the journal Epilepsy & Behaviorreveal that the activity of patients with epilepsy on social networks increased before their […]