More money for single people in refugee homes

Karlsruhe (dpa) – Refugees who live in shared accommodation again get just as much money to live on as other single asylum seekers. Their social benefits were cut by a flat rate of ten percent in 2019 because they can allegedly save on expenses by shopping and cooking together – but that violates the Basic […]

“Christmas boxes” for the most deprived in Draguignan

The end-of-year celebrations are often conducive to generous initiatives. That of the municipal center for social action (CCAS) consists of collecting and distributing “Christmas boxes” for the poorest. The director of the structure, Lauryne Tollard, explains how this operation, almost a first for her department, was born: “Véronique Ravez, agent in charge of domiciliation and […]

Sanjeev Teeluckdharry ends his hunger strike

Nishal Joyram has been on a hunger strike since Tuesday, November 15, in front of St. Louis Cathedral in Port-Louis. This resident of Souillac, who is a teacher, stresses that the action he has started is more important than his person. Lawyer Sanjeev Teeluckdharry had joined him over the weekend for a three-day period. In […]

The good condition of rivers in Rhône-Alpes is progressing

With just over half of its rivers in good condition, one might think that Rhône-Alpes is lagging behind. But this figure of 52% is welcomed by the regional prefecture and the Rhône Mediterranean Corsica Water Agency, because it is progressing. In addition, 81% of groundwater displays good chemical status. “The quality of water has improved […]

suspect charged and jailed

It is in prison that the Moroccan suspected of having strangled passers-by on Wednesday in Villeurbanne will sleep this Friday evening. At the end of his police custody, the individual in an irregular situation was indicted for attempted homicide and intentional violence, then was imprisoned. According to the Lyon prosecutor’s office, he asked for a […]

What is a dry storm?

AIC informed the possibility of a dry storm occurring. Some readers of this medium asked for clarification regarding what a “dry storm” is. An article in the specialized magazine on Network Meteorology adequately explains the subject. “When we talk about a dry storm, we refer to a type of electrical storm that has little or […]

health risk alert

Available without a prescription, some melatonin supplements, which promise better sleep, can lead to side effects. Boxes of food supplements based on melatonin promise better sleep to their consumers. But last Wednesday, the consumer protection agency recalled that these tablets are too rarely not recommended for certain people such as children. The producers of these […]