Kasselakis: I am not a phenomenon, I am the voice of a society

The new president of SYRIZA, Stefanos Kasselakis, went to the SYRIZA offices, where he was greeted by a gathered crowd shouting slogans such as “Natos the prime minister” and “Stefan gera, let the right fall”. In his first statements after the announcement of the result, he tried to send a message of unity by saying […]

Pierrakakis: Thessaly schools open on Monday

At the opening of its schools Thessaly on Monday, the Minister of Education, Kyriakos Pierrakakis, mentioned on social media, accompanying his post with photos of his visit to the affected area. “The first bell will ring on Monday in the schools of Thessaly. Our bet is to quickly heal the wounds left by the bad […]

Fire in Parnitha: Time-Lapse video raises questions

Questions are raised by the images captured in time-lapse videos from the recent ones fires in Parnithain which the appearance of new foci quite far from the main front is recorded. The video released via Youtube by the team Up Stories, shows minute by minute the advance of the fire front from the evening of […]

Building a free economy is very important for our society

Economist expert Qashgay Ismayil Any political system is primarily an indicator of economic relations. It is a completely natural process that political freedoms disappear in a society where there is no economic freedom, where entrepreneurship is stifled, where there is no free business environment and economic competition. The society cultivated by the current economic model […]

World market shocks fuel inflation

Inflation continues to recede and the factors affecting it have hardly changed since last month, however, the slight decrease in the price level of services was unexpected. Food and heat reduced inflation rates, while rising fuel prices due to tensions in global markets provided a significant upside, continuing their rise for the second month in […]