TU Darmstadt researches artificial intelligence

EComparing a computer with Smart Hans is not a compliment. The horse that listened to this name made headlines in Germany before the First World War because it supposedly could count, calculate and spell. Later it turned out that the pseudo-smart Orlov trotter could only interpret human body language particularly well and thus meet the […]

US government tracks millions of people through private system, report says

Serious. One report claims that government of U.S maintains a mobile application tracking system thanks to a contractor made up of military veterans. The report of The Wall Street Journal ensures that US authorities connect to cell phones around the world thanks to a software developed by the company Anomaly Six. It is software development […]

ComNews.ru News of digital transformation, telecommunications, broadcasting and IT

Julia Melnikov ComNews.ru correspondent Cosmic cry for help The commercial space market in Russia is still weak for a number of reasons. Among the obstacles to the development of a private rocket and space business, industry players name underfunding, overregulation of the industry, lack of support from state institutions and a shortage of personnel. However, […]

Le Matin – Insurance: Software acquires Infoelsa and strengthens its position

DL Software acquires Infoelsa and strengthens its position in the Insurance and Healthcare sector. The Group is extending its offer to insurance professionals with the acquisition of Infoelsa, an ERP publisher specializing in property and casualty insurance and life insurance. Created in 1989, Infoelsa is a benchmark player for large companies in the sector. The […]

Can German automakers still catch up?

The rules of business upside down: Tesla has been driving the largest corporations in the automotive industry for years. What makes the young company so incredibly valuable? And what are the chances for the competition? Quarterly reports from an industrial company are generally not even a shrug of the shoulders to the general public. It’s […]

Facebook Will Introduce Dark Mode for Cellular Applications

Covesia.com – After launching the dark mode for the desktop interface in early May, Facebook is reportedly testing the dark mode for mobile applications. Facebook is currently making dark mode available to a small number of people around the world, said a spokesman for The Verge, as reported by the Antara page on Monday (6/29/2020). […]