Start-up for CO2 emissions Planetly sells to US company

For many in the start-up scene, it should come as a surprise what the founders Anna Alex, 36, and Benedikt Franke, 38, are now announcing: They are selling Planetly to the American software provider One Trust, the solutions for dealing with data protection, IT security, ethics and sustainability. The companies do not comment on the […]

▷ Check Point in IDC MarketScape reports from one of the world’s leading providers of …

03.12.2021 – 09:37 Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. San Carlos, California (ots) Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), a global leader in cyber security solutions, was recognized as a key player in two reports recently released by IDC Research. Modern Endpoint Security (MES) technology is a combination of Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPPs) for deterministic […]

Microsoft Relents, Makes It Easier to Switch Default Browser

Photo: NOEL CELIS / Contributor (Getty Images) After early reports confirmed that Windows 11 would include an even more labyrinthine process for switching your default browser than the one required in previous versions, the company has seemingly reversed course, now allowing users to switch browsers with the click of a single button. Back in August, […]

Powertoys 0.51 brings presentation mode for the mouse pointer

December 2, 2021 – New tools have not been added to the current Powertoys version 0.51, but various existing Powertoys have received new features and improvements. Microsoft has skipped version number 0.50 of the Windows Powertoys tool collection and is now presenting the new version 0.51. The most prominent new feature is a presentation mode […]

▷ Introducing Quantinuum: The world’s largest integrated company for …

01.12.2021 – 16:10 Quantinuum Cambridge, England and Broomfield, Colo. (ots / PRNewswire) Quantinuum is the result of the merger of two world leaders in quantum computing: Honeywell Quantum Solutions and Cambridge Quantum The two leaders in the quantum computing industry have partnered to create Quantinuum, accelerating the evolution of quantum computing and the innovation of […]

New scam: Alleged software expert paralyzes PC and wants money – Bad Salzungen

Bad Salzungen – The man had already been called on Friday by an alleged software employee, as the police reported on Tuesday. He explained to him that there were more than 6,000 faults on his computer. The caller managed to gain access to the man’s laptop. He could eliminate the interference if the called party […]

British antitrust watchdogs: Facebook should sell Giphy

The Giphy clip platform stood up to hers Acquisitions through Meta in competition with the Facebook group in terms of advertisers. Regulator in Great Britain now demand the Reverse transaction des Deals. London (AP) – British competition watchdogs want to force the Facebook group Meta to sell the clip platform Giphy, which it took over […]

WhatsApp copies Facebook feature, works on “reactions” in chats

WhatsApp is working on a new way to respond to messages. In addition, new screenshots from the beta phase have now been leaked that show how you can simply react to a message with an emoji. This function is known from Facebook. Now the group is using the new “Reactions in Chat” with WhatsApp. Users […]

Cool! This Youth Made His Company Worth IDR 89 Trillion in 6 Months

MUNICH, – In just six months, the software company Personio became one of the start-ups (startup) is the most valuable in Europe, with a value of 6.3 billion US dollars or around Rp. 89.7 trillion. Personio CEO Hanno Renner tells how startup The company once had only US$226 or Rp3 million left in the […]