The Secret of the Cathedral of Jaca Tops Bestseller List in Aragonese Bookstores

The writer Domingo Buesa during the presentation of ‘The Secret of the Cathedral of Jaca’ at the Jaca Book Fair. TWELVE OAKS According to the data provided by the Zaragoza Bookstore Association through Libri Red, the week of September 18 to 24these are the lists of the best-selling books ordered (five per genre) by number […]

In Stepanakert, bread will be sold in coupons, 200 grams per person per day

The Ministry of Social Development and Migration of the Artsakh Republic announced that bread will be sold in Stepanakert with coupons. “Dear citizens S. From September 5, the sale of bread in Stepanakert will be done with coupons, and the process of providing coupons will start from September 4. In order to receive a coupon, […]

The historic Mālmuiža complex is sold at auction

The historic Mālmuiža complex, located in Lejasciema parish, Gulbene district, was bid for 48,980 euros in the re-auction of VAS “Valsts nekustamie ipsumimi”, VNĪ informs. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The real estate “Mālmuiža” includes a plot of land and seven architecturally important buildings. “The value of ancient properties in the business field […]

Megadeal in the US restaurant industry: ‘Subway’ will be sold

US fast food company Subway announced on Thursday that it has reached an agreement to be sold to investment company Roark Capital, which is active in the restaurant and prepared food industries. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Subway explains that the deal will combine the company’s global presence and brand recognition with Roark […]

[영상] Yoon Jae-ok “Democratic Party sold out to shake the government with Jamboree” Jeong Cheong-rae “Is this the country?”

After the closing ceremony of the Jamboree on the afternoon of the 11th, the ruling and opposition parties foreshadowed a full-fledged clash over responsibility for the Jamboree. On the morning of this day, Jae-ok Yoon, the representative of People’s Power, said at the in-hospital countermeasure meeting, “The official schedule of the World Scout Jamboree will […]

Property Düsseldorf: Prices are falling again

Exclusive | Düsseldorf · Prices have been falling in the first half of the year for a long time, and moreover more than ever before. There is also an extreme slump in sales figures. How the real estate market has developed in detail. Dphubkfxts leaog xfb pxrt Ninpz ZIWK. Suw oso fvpzzso Kjoilqk akwdvqo qsjmh […]

Chios, the “unknown aristocrat of the Aegean” is sold out in summer

Chios is not a very developed tourist destination and as it seems, this was not a priority for the island. Tourism was for most a supplementary job and the “scepters” of the economy were – and still are – shipping and agricultural production. However, in recent years, things on the island have started to change […]