Juventus Academy Morocco and Ariston join forces

Juventus Academy Morocco and Ariston organized a football day on Saturday called “Action Foot” around the theme of solidarity football. During the football day organized by Juventus Academy Morocco and Ariston, several participants in the draw won prestigious prizes, including Juventus Academy players who won training in Italy, at the Juventus club, and training two-week […]

Gard, Hérault: several blood collections organized until Wednesday

2,300 blood bags are missing in Occitania Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 14, is World Blood Donor Day, and several events are being organized in the region by the French Blood Establishment to fill up stocks. Indeed, according to theEFSthe state of the reserves is worrying a few weeks before departures on vacation, a period when donations […]

Organic new potatoes – Desclics Paysan

16 other products in the same category: Organic fennel (1kg) Keeps for up to a week in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator. 5,80 € TTC Organic cauliflower (piece) Remove the green leaves and cut into small bouquets for faster cooking 3,80 € TTC Organic fresh garlic (500g) To avoid the inconvenience of poor digestion, remember to […]

Schiffer Andras: I am Idrissa Gueye

András Schiffer expressed his solidarity with the PSG player, who refused to play in a rainbow-numbered jersey. „I am Idrissa Gueye” – wrote on his community page András Schiffer, former Member of Parliament. András Schiffer referred to a PSG player who decided not to play in rainbow jerseys on May 17, the international day against […]

Donate human milk, an act of solidarity that is increasing in Ecuador

On May 18, 2022, Paola Arellano, a nurse at the Calderón Teaching Hospital in Quito, went to the house of Nataly Baquerowho gave birth a month ago and is pregnant breastfeeding her daughter. Arellano gave him a kit made up of jars, masks and hair caps. In addition, she recommended that he wash his hands […]

D: It is not enough to make peace on paper!

In the run-up to the presidential elections in Colombia, Adveniat calls for “protecting human rights defenders, solving murders, ending impunity”. The country’s diverse problems can only be solved if the armed conflicts between guerrillas, paramilitary groups and criminal gangs are ended. With a view to the forthcoming presidential elections in Colombia on May 29, Father […]

Effective bone marrow donations grow 700% in a decade

In Spain, in 2021, there were 276 effective bone marrow donations, a record figure that far exceeds the 221 that were carried out in 2019, the year in which the most had been made to date, and represents a growth of 700% compared to 2011, with 34. And this upward trend has also been confirmed […]

How to donate at the Milk Bank of Aragon

“Most babies admitted to neonatal care can survive thanks to milk donated by other lactating mothers. It is your medicine. We can only be grateful to them”. This is the recognition that María José Martínez, technical director of the Aragón Tissue and Maternal Milk Bank wants to give to all the women who, since 2011, […]