“With your accent, it will not be possible”: glottophobia soon punished by law?

“Have a singing accent”, “which smells of the south”, or “which recalls the cold of the settlements of the North”… These little expressions, we have all heard them one day. Or even pronounced depending on where you come from. But having an accent, hearing words pronounced differently than standard pronunciation, can sometimes be a problem, […]

check if you have access to this new feature!

Posted on Thursday, November 5, 2020 at 2:37 p.m. It seems that Facebook is currently testing “Dark Mode” on its mobile application. However, this functionality is only accessible to a limited number of users. Already available on Instagram, WhatsApp or Messenger applications, “Dark Mode” should soon arrive on Facebook! If the PC version has been […]

Surveillance by drones soon authorized?

In the name of better security, are we going to be watched more? The new bill on global security, brought by LREM deputy Jean-Michel Fauvergue (ex-boss of the Raid), plans to give “A legal regime” for the use of drones for surveillance purposes. For the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, this will “Note violations, […]

Film A Rainy Day in New York

An interview of his girlfriend Ashleigh, which she is supposed to conduct with a star director in New York, wants Gatsby, who lives for the day, as an opportunity to show his loved one his hometown. The romantic foray through Manhattan is torpedoed by ever new entanglements. Genre comedy Love movie Movie review: Christopher Diekhaus […]

Coronavirus: a mobile laboratory will soon allow rapid testing at Brussels Airport

The mobile laboratory will be installed outside the airport terminal (departures level) and passengers will be able to perform a PCR test there. The tests will be analyzed on site in the mobile laboratory. UA Covid-19 mobile test laboratory will soon be installed at Brussels Airport, which will allow passengers returning from a red zone […]

7 Diabetes complications, can cause nerve disorders and eye damage

Illustrations of diabetes. © Shutterstock / Ivelin Radkov Merdeka.com – Diabetes is a type of disease that is quite a lot suffered by people throughout the world. In a person with diabetes mellitus, the level of sugar in the body is very high. This then makes the body unable to produce insulin or even does […]

Migrants return home – Kommersant Samara

More than 2 thousand citizens of Uzbekistan, accumulated on the border of Russia and Kazakhstan, were sent home on three trains. Migrant workers were located on the territory of the Bolsheglushitsky district of the Samara region, the Buzuluk district of the Orenburg region and in Sol-Iletsk. Earlier it was reported that migrants believed the rumors […]

“It started to appear in situations and then I wrote to him”

Flor Torrente spoke in Pampita Online and gave details of her love situation. “Is your heart cared for?“asked Barby Franco at the beginning, to which the actress replied with a laugh:”My heart is alone, cared for by its ownerBut the most striking thing came later, when Pampita asked him if the quarantine had him call […]

Bac 2020: the allocation procedures soon in the Official Journal

The 2020 baccalaureate will be very different from its predecessors. Coronavirus requires, no written or oral tests, that continuous assessment and a jury based on the student’s records. These procedures for obtaining the diploma will appear next week in the Official Journal. These texts will first concern the general and technological routes, then the following […]

US hopes to start vaccine tests for COVID-19 soon

May 15, 2020 – 10:05 There are already more than a dozen vaccines in the world in the early stages of testing or about to start small studies of human safety Having a COVID-19 vaccine ready for January is a difficult goal, but one of America’s top health authorities is gearing up for a vast […]