Corona symptoms: These are the signs

Corona, flu or just a cold? This is not so easy to distinguish at the beginning of autumn. These corona symptoms indicate an infection. The nose runs, the head hums: Could Corona be, or just a cold? The symptoms of corona, flu (influenza) and a simple cold are so similar that sometimes only […]

7 Teas That Can Relieve Sore Throats

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Variant Covid-19 patients Omicron Many experience symptoms in the upper respiratory tract including: sore throat. A sore throat can cause discomfort to difficulty swallowing. But you can rely on tea to relieve it. Here’s a powerful tea relieve sore throat. “Hot or warm liquids such as tea can help by soothing […]

Sore Throat Disease – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment – A sore throat is a sore, itchy, or irritated feeling in the throat that often gets worse when trying to swallow. The most common cause of a sore throat is a viral infection, such as a cold or flu. A sore throat caused by a virus will go away on its own. Also […]

COVID-19: the winter viruses are back

Bronchiolitis, but also nasopharyngitis – the good old cold -, tonsillitis, gastroenteritis and probably soon the flu … The seasonal viruses that COVID-19 had forgotten are back with the cold season. • Read also: Bronchiolitis: after COVID, the fear of a rebound Everyone has seen it these days in their daily life, at work or […]