Deaths and severe cases on the rise

In addition to the worryingly large number of deaths from coronavirus in recent weeks, the list of serious cases of infected patients admitted to intensive care is also growing. During its daily update, the Ministry of Health and Social Action, through the voice of the Director of Prevention, Mamadou Ndiaye, announced 5 new admissions to […]

“special” measures taken against former President Ould Abdel Aziz

The Mauritanian authorities have just taken special measures against former President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz. Technicians from mobile phone companies, accompanied by soldiers, went to the ranch of the former Head of State, not far from Toueila, on the Nouakchott-Akjoujt axis, where they dismantled high pylons by humans to strengthen the communication signal at their […]

A soccer club apologizes for placing sex dolls in the stands | Global World Blog

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the South Korean soccer league, as in many other countries, to play its games behind closed doors. The empty stands are devastating, and that is why some club has resorted to placing cardboard fans to fill the stadiums. But others have pushed the idea too far. FC Seoul, in the […]

Euskadi Symphony Orchestra: «We feel the same duty as a doctor or a bus driver»

They stress that they are the first Spanish orchestra to return to activity, “accompanied by maximum security”, and give a certain epic air to this “crucial moment”. The OSE’s director general, Oriol Roch, and the head music director, Robert Treviño, highlight the symbolism that the symphony will once again offer concerts. “We feel like the […]