a man shot in Bron

A man was wounded by a gun on Sunday evening in Bron. He was shot twice in the leg. It was thus found by firefighters during an intervention after a road accident. The firefighters intervened for a road accident Sunday evening in Bron. For a collision between two vehicles. According to Le Progrès, inside a […]

[POPULER GLOBAL] UAE Takes “Bold Steps” to Normalize Relations with Israel | Imported Frozen Chicken Wings from Brazil Positive for Corona Virus

KOMPAS.com – Global popularity is still dominated by historic announcements between Israel and the United Arab Emirates normalizing their diplomatic relations. You can see more details below. Also read: [POPULER GLOBAL] Mozambique Government Comments on Ammonium Nitrate in Lebanon | 500 Hagia Sophia Mosque Congregation Diagnosed with Covid-19 1. UAE takes “bold steps” to normalize […]

The court transferred the choice of preventive measure to the defendants in the case of the theft of 40 million rubles. :: Society :: RBC

“The police established that in 2016 the head of a commercial organization, having received budgetary funds, concluded a series of contracts with individual entrepreneurs under control in the interests of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, while not having the intention to fulfill its obligations in full” – said the official […]