Cyclone “Amphan” rages in India and Bangladesh

NAfter the big hurricane “Amphan” with more than 80 deaths, the first clean-up work started in India and Bangladesh. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to see the damage from the air on Friday, according to local media. Some people have now left the emergency shelters to rebuild some of their homes. Thousands of houses […]

Containment: but what yoga do you practice?

Seghir Lazri works on the theme of social vulnerability of athletes. In this column, he takes a few pictures of sport through the social sciences. How the social explains sport, and vice versa. Confinement requires, physical exercises at home have become the only solutions to keep in shape. Among these practices, yoga, given the limited […]

How viruses broke containment and spread all over the world

Stop the flights. Stop the boats. Close the borders. Why didn’t it all stop that COVID-19 infected the world? COVID-19 has two properties that made containment almost impossible. It takes up to two weeks between the infection and the appearance of symptoms. And for part of that time, ignorant sufferers can be ignorant spreaders. Some […]

Coronavirus World Updates: Patients Escape Hospitals

It was a dramatic day around the world when the corona virus continued to spread fatally. According to Clarence House, Prince Charles has been diagnosed with Corona virus, with concerns for the Queen, even though she is “in good health” as the UK has seen the most dramatic increase in confirmed cases to date. In […]

Coronavirus Tasmania: Minister in self-isolation, stricter measures on the way

Tens of thousands of Tasmanians lost their jobs on Monday due to the reaction to the coronavirus, and further strict measures to protect public health are on the way, said Prime Minister Peter Gutwein. A grim prime minister urged the public to follow the measures required by health officials – and said the police are […]

Carrie Bickmore has given contradictory advice on “social distancing”.

Carrie Bickmore repeated the resounding feeling of confused Australians at The Project tonight, expressing her frustration at the uncertainty of what we can and cannot do as we “distance ourselves”. The Gold Logie winner spoke passionately after a section explaining why social distancing is essential to slow the spread of the corona virus and admitted […]

Jobs you need to apply for when you are fired

The destruction of the Australian workforce as a result of the coronavirus pandemic is undeniable, but there is a glimmer of hope for sudden jobseekers. Millions are expected to become unemployed as a result of the looming recession, while the national shutdown to formalize social distancing measures has left tens of thousands unemployed. The country’s […]

NRL 2020 season closed, Queensland Isolation, Michael Ennis, Fox League

Tune in to our new Fox League Live show on channel 502 at 4 p.m. today League legend Michael Ennis says the NRL should have triggered the relocation of the entire competition to remote Queensland to save the season. The board considered adding all 16 clubs to Gladstone and isolating a select group of people […]