Banksy, the artist, the commitment to over 100 works – Lazio

ROME – Invisibility, the choice to destroy pop icons, collaborations with other artists, commitment without political flags. Beyond the wall from which Banksy’s work was born, the sixteenth-century space of the Chiostro del Bramante in Rome hosts until 11 April “ BANKSY A VISUAL PROTEST ”, an exhibition postponed due to the health emergency that […]

Computer simulations show what dark matter should look like (photo)

Scientists have modeled what the still elusive dark matter might look like in space. Universe Today reports. The sophisticated computer simulations were carried out by a team at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Researchers have carried out detailed simulations of a cosmos made of dark matter that science cannot yet see. According to the researchers, […]

The film “Interstellar” may receive a sequel

Ilya Bogomolov While the sci-fi movie was intended to be a standalone film, it did well at the box office and with critics. Interstellar, movie poster. Photo: Christopher Nolan’s science fiction film Interstellar may have a sequel. This is reported by the We Got This Covered portal, arguing that after the pandemic and crisis […]

from Scientology to cinema in space

Universal Pictures studios, one of the big Hollywood companies, are in negotiations to shoot the film that Tom Cruise, NASA and Elon Musk they want shoot in space, as announced by the magazine ‘Variety’, The budget? The most optimistic forecasts estimate it at more than 170 million euros. If they reach an agreement, this would […]

A little glimpse of the future trip aboard the SpaceShipTwo?

The space tourism company Virgin Galactic has just presented the cabin of the future passengers of its SpaceShipTwo suborbital spacecraft: 12 windows, 16 cameras, seats equipped with cameras to take selfies with the Earth behind you … Aspiring astronauts and space enthusiasts around the world now have the opportunity to explore the design of this […]

Women, children, affairs – the turbulent life of the Tesla boss

In addition to his impressive career, Elon Musk only knows a life of superlatives in private. His friends include Hollywood stars and pop singers. He has six children by two women and has been divorced several times. There is not any? Yes, with Elon Musk. It blows up everything that has existed before. Elon Musk […]

This is a space to find different exercise routines – Sponsored Content

Changing your lifestyle requires discipline, effort and research, and in that sense, to achieve this it is important to determine a routine that includes exercise, rest and good nutrition. But surely you are thinking that it is not always so easy to find information recommended by experts, and that it really gives excellent results, however, […]