NBU first issued vertical banknote

The first Ukrainian vertical banknote The souvenir banknote is dedicated to the first cosmonaut of Ukraine and is not a means of payment. The National Bank of Ukraine on Thursday, November 26, issued the first vertical banknote dedicated to the first cosmonaut of independent Ukraine – Leonid Kadenyuk, the NBU press service reports. “Leonid Kadenyuk […]

SpaceX has launched a satellite to study the ocean

Photo: Screenshot Falcon 9 launch vehicle After 53 minutes of flight, the Sentinel-6A Michael Freilich spacecraft entered a polar orbit with an altitude of 1.3 thousand kilometers. The American company SpaceX, using a Falcon 9 launch vehicle, successfully launched the scientific oceanographic satellite Sentinel-6A Michael Freilich into regular orbit. The company announced this on Saturday […]

For the first time since the 1970s … China targets the “unknown” moon region

China is working to launch an unmanned spacecraft to the moon this week to bring rocks from its surface to Earth. The space probe “Chang E-5”, named after the ancient Chinese goddess of the moon, will try to collect materials that will help scientists understand more about the origins of the moon and its formation. […]

P.Croizon, soon the 1st disabled person in space?

The challenge has taken on an unparalleled height. Philippe Croizon, quadri-amputee adventurer, will he fly into space aboard the Starship rocket? Elon Musk, the American multibillion-dollar genius, answered his call. Since then, he’s been on cloud nine … Will Philippe Croizon be the first disabled man to flirt with the stars? The idea had been […]

Human error caused a rocket to crash on launch – nearly $ 400 million lost

The failure on Monday of the mission of the European rocket Vega that carried a Spanish satellite and another French observation of the Earth, was due to a problem during the manufacturing process, the operator said Tuesday Arianespace. A “cable reversal” problem occurred during the “production” of the rocket manufactured by Avio in Italy, the […]

Italy is ready for a new challenge in space: the Moon

AGI – L‘Italy is ready to collaborate with Nasa for the return ofman on the moon providing modules for the Gateway space station in the lunar orbit, modules for theallunaggio, nanosatellites and communications services until space greenhouses.“The program Artemis poses a challenge for one new industry of the space with the need to involve different […]

Crew-1 a success, the era of space taxis begins – Space & Astronomy

Crew-1 mission successfully accomplished: the first operational flight with a vehicle built by a private company, Elon Musk’s SpaceX, brought a crew of four astronauts to the International Space Station on behalf of NASA. Thus begins the era of ‘space taxis’, which give back to the United States the ability to carry men into orbit, […]

Le Matin – Espace: Failure of the Vega mission due to a “deviation” of trajectory

The European Vega launcher, which was to put two satellites into orbit on behalf of Europe overnight from Monday to Tuesday from Kourou, suffered an “anomaly” in its “trajectory” 8 minutes after takeoff, leading to the failure of mission, Arianespace announced. The “trajectory” is “degraded” indicated shortly after the takeoff of the European launcher Vega […]

“SpaceX” spacecraft connected to SKS – Science – Apollo.lv – iTech

“Crew Dragon” started on Monday at 27:27 Latvian time from the Kennedy Space Center with four crew members – three Americans and one Japanese. The launch was the first routine mission of the SpaceX spacecraft after a successful test flight to the SKS in May. The spacecraft’s connection to the SKS took place shortly after […]