There will be no planet parade on July 4

The media write that July 4 begins a full parade of planets – an astronomical phenomenon that occurs about once every 200 years. Is it so? Sergey Popov, professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, an employee of the P.K. Sternberg State Astronomical Institute, carried these messages to the nines in a conversation with 360. […]

NASA launched a space-scented perfume for mass consumption | Chronicle

Although the National Aeronautics and Space Administration – better known as the NASA– created years ago a perfume with “smell of outer space” so that the astronauts who were sent there get used to the aroma, now they decided to produce it on a large scale and market it to the general public. The perfume […]

NASA made a space-scented perfume and will sell it en masse

In 2008, the American space agency hired chemist Steve Pearce to make this perfume. Finally, in 2012 he came to recreate the smell of space. “It is a mixture of gunpowder, roast beef, raspberries and rum”Pearce, founder of Omega Ingredients, said. It was used to help astronauts get used to the aroma during training. For […]

Several hundred caregivers called in for reinforcement until August 15

01/07/20Several hundred caregivers called in for reinforcement until August 15 To deal with the Covid-19 epidemic which affects Guyana, the Ministry of Solidarity and Health calls for national solidarity. This weekend, Olivier Véran asked the regional health agencies throughout France to identify the health professionals likely to come and reinforce the Guyanese teams until mid-August. […]

They prioritize medical care for those over 60 with COVID-19

People over 60 years of age have become the population most affected by the new coronavirus, to the point that they account for nearly 75% of the deaths registered by this disease in the city. This situation has caused an alert among the district authorities, who launched a strategy to reduce the mortality of older […]

Golden Gate receives its first patients this Wednesday

As of this Wednesday, the Puerta de Oro Events Center will become the Early Care Center for patients with COVID-19 in the Barranquilla District. In this space, as explained by the Mayor of Barranquilla, patients with mild or moderate symptoms and who are unable to be in their homes during the incubation period of the […]

Anatoly Daron, creator of the Gagarin rocket engine, died :: Society :: RBC

Anatoly Daron (Photo: NPO Energomash) In the United States, designer Anatoly Daron died due to an exacerbation of a chronic disease. He created engines for rockets that delivered the first satellite and the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin to space. A message about this is posted on the website of NPO Energomash (Roscosmos enterprise). “On June […]

“Boxing is so down, I don’t know who the rooster champion is”: ‘Happy’ Lora

Considered one of the best stylists of his time, but with enough dynamite to liquidate rivals with his powerful left hand, Colombian Miguel ‘Happy’ Lora believes that current boxing has lost its luster and interest because there are no solid idols or champions. that provide a show. “The boxers from before had better technique, they […]

Russia Will Fly 2 Tourists to ISS, One of which will be Spacewalk – Russia will fly two tourists to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2023. One of them will exit the ISS area and do so spacewalk. Launch SpaceOn Sunday (6/28/2020), this tour was a booking from Space Adventures, a space tourism company from the United States. The company has ordered two passenger seats on […]