Nasa on the asteroid mission: “Important step” – WELT

DThe UN agency for space affairs (UNOOSA) described the “Dart” mission of the US space agency Nasa, during which a probe intentionally crashed into an asteroid for the first time on Tuesday night, as “an important step in protecting the earth and humanity » welcomed. The mission was registered with the United Nations Space Agency […]

NASA is going to crash a spaceship into an asteroid and follow it live

This first test of the planetary defense mission “serves to be prepared in case it is necessary in the future.” The asteroid Dimorphos does not represent a threat to Earth, but it is the target of a mission that, in ten days, will try to divert it from its trajectory to test the technology necessary […]

10 Reasons Why Space Travel Is Important: Technology-Survival

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Exploration mission outer space like a race. United States, Russia, China, Europe are willing to spend big money to catch up with time to find planet others that can be used as human habitation. Is that so small? Since a long time, humans have been driven to explore the unknown, discover […]

Japanese researchers find amino acids in asteroid samples

Japanese researchers have for the first time detected amino acids, which are fundamental building blocks of life, in samples from an asteroid. As the Japanese news agency Kyodo reported on Monday, citing the Ministry of Science in Tokyo, more than 20 types of amino acids were detected in samples from the asteroid Ryugu. After six […]

NASA’s MAVEN Spacecraft Resumes Operations After Malfunction

MAVEN launched in November 2013 and entered orbit around Mars in September 2014.Illustration: NASA NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN (MAVEN) spacecraft has been out of commission for most of the year, but owing to a very clever hack, the probe is now using the stars to navigate its way around the Red Planet. The […]

Russian Film Crew Returns Safely After Shooting on the ISS

Russian space agency rescue team members help actress Yulia Peresild out from the capsule shortly after the landing of the Russian Soyuz MS-18 space capsule.Photo: Roscosmos Space Agency (AP) The Russian film crew that traveled to the International Space Station to film scenes for the first movie shot partially in space returned to Earth safely […]