In September, the number of guests served in tourist accommodation decreased rapidly

In September 2020, 110.2 thousand people were served in Latvian tourist accommodation. Foreign and domestic visitors, which is by 54.7% less than in September 2019 and by 63.3% less than in August, according to the Central Statistical Bureau. Guests spent 211 thousand nights in tourist accommodation, which is 54.1% less than in September last year. […]

The proceeds of cigarette smuggling in Belarus finance the Lukashenko regime

Every year, smugglers of cigarettes in Lithuania support the Belarusian regime with tens of millions of euros, which goes into the budget of the neighboring country and the regime’s wallets, feeding the criminal world along the way, the portal points out. Three years ago, the Belarusian regime began to see a new business niche in […]

18.X Uldis Stabulnieks memorial concert “Autumn is coming to paint Latvia” in Ikšķile

October 18 at 17.00 Uldis Stabulnieks memorial concert “Autumn to paint Latvia” will take place in Ikšķile municipality hall. The concert will feature the University of Latvia graduate choir “Jubilate”, Ikšķile women’s and men’s vocal ensembles “Nona” and “Tikai tā”, as well as actor Juris Hiršs. The artistic director of the concert is Juris Kļaviņš, […]

In China, the restaurant building collapsed, killing 29 people

In the north of China, 29 people were killed when the restaurant building collapsed on Saturday, the state TV channel CNTV reports on Sunday. The tragedy took place in Shanxi Province, Linfin, at a celebration held in honor of a local resident’s 80th birthday. When the two-storey building collapsed, the relatives of the jubilee and […]

Domestic consumption contributes to economic recovery

Latvia’s economy continues to recover from the Covid-19 shock, and sustained domestic consumption is one of the reasons why the economic downturn in Latvia this year will be significantly smaller than expected at the beginning of the crisis. According to the information published by the Central Statistical Bureau, retail trade in Latvia has been growing […]

Invites to participate in Olympic month activities

“Olympic Day 2020” with the popular All-Latvian exercise this year will take place on September 18 at 10.00, but sports and health-promoting activities will be expanded throughout the month. The slogan of the Olympic month and the official theme in social networks this year is “We are # SPORT”. Every week throughout the month will […]

There may be undesirable twists and turns in the story of economic recovery

The roller coaster of economic development in 2020 lags only behind the roller coaster of economic forecasts. The downturn in the Latvian economy in the second quarter was impressive, but smaller than initially forecast, we have so far managed to avoid a recurrence of the virus, and the recovery in many sectors is faster than […]