In the south-west of Moscow, restricted traffic and closed four metro stations

Four stations of the Sokolnicheskaya metro line will be closed in Moscow on June 4–6: Prokshino, Filatov Lug, Olkhovaya and Kommunarka. Because of this, traffic in the southwest of the capital is limited – priority will be given to ground urban transport. Metro stations will resume their normal work on July 7 at 5:30. They […]

In flames cemeteries boats to Lampedusa – the Last Hour

(ANSA) – LAMPEDUSA, 05 JUN -, THE old barges used by the migrants to arrive in Lampedusa, which is stored in two areas of the island, were given to the flames. The fires are flaring in the area adjacent to the sports field and in the storage of Head To The West. Columns of black […]

Arrival of the capsule Dragon, SpaceX to the International Space Station

May 31, 2020 – 10:05 SpaceX made history on Saturday with the launch of the spacecraft Crew Dragon at 3:22 in the afternoon and opened a new era of space exploration, after nearly a decade without manned missions sent from the soil of north America, and with american pilots. NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas […]

The Government allows part of the gas stations to reduce their opening hours | Economy

The Government relaxes the obligation of gas stations to maintain their regular hours. The BOE publishes this Saturday a ministerial order establishing measures to ensure the supply of fuel at service stations while the state of alarm is maintained. However, it gives the possibility that some of them reduce opening hours or even temporarily close […]

Orange County Emergency confirms due to Coronavirus – NBC Los Angeles

The Board of Supervisors of Orange County approved an emergency declaration by Monday and provided better training for healthcare providers and first responders as they sought out the potential influx of coronary virus patients. This action concluded that a crew of the Orange County Fire Authority firefighters had been segregated at Irvine station after arriving […]

Evacuated a Paris metro station by a fire

Paris police have evacuated a train station in Paris after a fire in several vehicles caused a cloud of smoke. It has taken place near the subway station ofGare de Lyon. Agents have confirmed that it was intentionally provoked and that firefighters had to vacate the area while controlling thefire. Aprotestof the detractors of a […]

Troops of the III Reich, of maneuvers in La Molina | Catalonia

Anyone who went to La Molina last Saturday – my two sisters and my brother-in-law without going too far – could have had an unexpected encounter with a German Wehrmacht patrol troop, as if by a curious alteration effect. space time the Catalan Pyrenees by now would have become the Russian front of World War […]

Possibility to manufacture microscopes for Citizen Station and Smartphones

Would you like to manufacture microscopes and laser microscopes for smartphones? Would you like to prepare human and plant cell samples, or analyze the effect of alcohol and nicotine on the heart rate of small crustaceans? Do you know that Microscopy Station Citizenship will allow you to enjoy the experience of these types. They open […]

Wuhan’s coronavirus | The epidemic now exceeds 700 deaths in China | Society

The death toll by the Wuhan coronavirus in China it rises to 723, after the National Health Commission received notification this Saturday of 86 more deceased. A US citizen has died in Wuhan, the focus of the epidemic, as a result of that disease, as confirmed by the US Embassy in Beijing, in what seems […]