Philippine President Legalizes Police Executions

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has established a death cult as his plan of government. With the promise of “ending drugs in the country at all costs”, Duterte gave unprecedented powers to local police to eliminate drug dealers and drug users, says the newspaper The State of São Paulo. Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines GOVJP […]

Whatsapp: Track DHL parcels via messenger

Michael Mercenary You can now contact the employees of the shipping service provider DHL conveniently via Whatsapp. Enlarge The DHL employees can now also be reached via Whatsapp. © Allmy/ Anyone expecting a parcel via the shipping service provider DHL has long been able to enter the associated parcel number in corresponding apps or on […]

easyJet flight 1787 from Bordeaux to Ajaccio, Corse

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Why did most of them hide their online status on WhatsApp?

I can see his Whatsapp profile / status, but not his last time online. Did he delete my number? I can see the Whatsapp profile / status and picture of a contact, but no longer the last online information. Has my number been deleted? Has someone hidden the status from non-contacts but shared the profile […]

French Open: Azarenka 2-0 Keith Sabalenka upset and eliminated_Pavlyuchenko

Original title: French Open: Azarenka 2-0 Lecce Keith Sabalenka was upset and eliminated Sohu Sports News Beijing time on June 4th, the 2021 season tennis Grand Slam French Open continues. In the third round of the women’s singles that ended early on this day, the third seed of the tournament, Sabalenka, broke out. , The […]

Vaccines: over 50% of fully vaccinated adults in GB – World

The total number of fully vaccinated people in the UK exceeds 50% of the adult population over 16 years of age. This was announced by the health authorities of the Kingdom, specifying that the double dose of antidotes such as Pfizer or AstraZeneca has now been inoculated to well over 26 million people, while the […]