The company is worth a billion dollars, almost no one plays its stupid game

<!—-> Blockchain technology, or if you prefer blockchain, has without a doubt changed the world, since cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or ethereum could be created. The question is whether they changed him for the better. Pznivci highlight their decentralization, the virtual economy is therefore not subject to a little political death, according to anonymity and […]

The official Steam version of “Gedonia” developed by one person is highly praised, and “Skyrim+WoW” can kill the village’s open world RPG | 4Gamers

The classic-style stand-alone RPG “Gedonia” created by individual developer Kazakov Oleg left the pre-emptive experience and entered the official version on October 15. The open-world free play has won unanimous praise from players and fans over the years. “Gedonia” was originally launched on Steam in 2020 as early access. In the game, the player plays […]

Square Enix Announces Steam Release Date for Triangle Strategy

Sunday, October 2, 2022 20:58 minutes 01 seconds, Indochina time Square Enix announce the game Exclusive of Nintendo Switch at Triangle Strategy will be launched on the platform Steam PC this month games RPG This was launched earlier this year. which the game will have Gameplay similar to Final Fantasy Tactics of Square Enix or […]

Fragile Existence will be part of TactiCon 2022

25/9/22 15:03 | Peter | PC | 0 comments In a new developer diary that Lee Harris has made for his new project Tactical Existence, more details have been revealed about what this space-based RTS is about. This developer is the solo developer of this ambitious game. The game has also been announced as part […]

DreadXP announces sequel to Sucker for Love

Publisher DreadXP revealed at PAX West 2022 that a sequel to Eldritch dating sim Sucker for Love: First Date is in the works. Subtitle Date to Die For promises new stories, new loves and a new protagonist who wants an extra-human romance. It is not yet clear how many divine beings we have to tempt […]

Run! The Fashion Police Squad is coming

Someone who is way too critical of the way others dress is sometimes mockingly called a fashion police. And Fashion Police Squad is what you get when someone takes that concept a little too literally. The result? A first-person shooter that not only looks special, but also has a very unusual setup. Nevertheless, it remains […]