How to maximize the battery of your Xbox One controller

According to the Digital Trends portal, console control Xbox One It is a piece that has multiple advantages, among which its comfortable shape to wear stands out., the position of your sticks and battery life. In addition, the possibility that it can be used with the new Microsoft consoles gives it greater relevance to have […]

“Barranquilla is making history and showing roads”

The first public debt bond issuance made by the district of Barranquilla had a positive result with the placement of $ 394,365 million in series with terms of 5, 10 and 20 years. In the bonds of the first series, to 5 years, $ 106,080 million were placed with an annual interest rate of 2.09%; […]

Barranquilla issues bonds for $ 650 billion on the Stock Exchange

The Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC) will play the flute. Literally. At 2:00 PM, when a new customer has finished placing bonuses of public debt for $ 650 billion, the brokers will not hear the vibrations of the traditional closing bell, but the whistle through a flute of a thousand. What happens is that it is […]

Heavy, Matahari Department Store will close 6 outlets by the end of 2020

Matahari Department Store (Source: Doc. Matahari Department Store) JAKARTA, KOMPAS TV – 2020 is the toughest period for retail company PT Matahari Department Store Tbk. Towards the end of the year, the company will close six Matahari Department Store outlets. Thus, the number of Matahari Department Store outlets will shrink. From the previous 153 units […]

The price of gold: What will happen after the vaccines for Kovid-19?

The record bullish gold market faces an existential question after pharmaceutical breakthroughs this month: what happens to the rally after the Kovid-19 vaccines go live? Many see gold as an archetypal refuge whose price is inevitably higher in times of turmoil. By this logic, the beginning of the end of the crisis would be a […]

Robinhood is preparing for its debut on the stock exchange in 2021

The stock trading platform Robinhood is set to debut on the stock market. It is already looking for consultants and is negotiating with several banks for its initial public offering, strangers say. According to them, Robinhood will become a stock exchange in the first quarter of 2021. In September, the company managed to attract a […]

Cementos Argos reveals news in its markets and plants for 2021

Juan Esteban Calle, president of Cementos Argos, highlighted today the company’s quarterly balance sheet and some expectations for next year, in order to reaffirm the gradual recovery that has been seen in the framework of the Covid-19 crisis that hit to the industry. Cementos Argos had a free cash flow of $ 472,000 million in […]