USA: Road to recovery still strewn with pitfalls, says Powell

USA: THE PATH TO RECOVERY REMAINS TRAPPED, ACCORDING TO POWELL (Reuters) – The US economy has shown signs of improvement since the coronavirus pandemic plunged it into a recession but the way forward remains very uncertain and the Federal Reserve stands ready to do more if necessary, has declared its president on Tuesday. Jerome Powell […]

Judicial mortgage to preserve the rights of the creditor

Kiev.Victor/Shutterstock / Kiev.Victor If you don’t get repayment or payment from a debtor, you can get a judicial mortgage on one of their real estate. This mortgage constitutes a repayment guarantee. It can be requested in court, or even as a precaution. Judicial mortgage obtained following a conviction The judicial mortgage can be the consequence […]

Loan and mortgage insurance: what are the differences?

In the context of a loan, the lender or the bank often conditions the granting of credit on a guarantee. A guarantee that allows them to be covered against the risk of default by the borrower. Two categories of guarantees are offered: borrower insurance and mortgage. What are the differences ? How to choose between […]

Peugeot: Bank of America is buying on the title

This analysis was prepared by Cercle Finance and disseminated by BOURSORAMA on 09/10/2020 at 5:19:00 pm. Acting exclusively as a distribution channel, BOURSORAMA did not participate in any way in its development nor exercised any discretionary power as to its selection. The information contained in this analysis has been transcribed “as is”, without any representation […]

Life insurance: an outflow of 500 million euros in July

In March, April and May, the outflow had reached about 2 billion euros each month. The tickets. (illustration) (AFP / MIGUEL MEDINA) For the 5th consecutive month, in July, the French life insurance market recorded an outflow, the amounts withdrawn by savers having exceeded deposits to the tune of around 500 million euros, announced Tuesday, […]

Tesla: shares split by 5, analysts’ opinions

( – The division by five of Tesla shares, decided on August 11 by the board of directors, is due to start on Monday, each shareholder registered on August 21 having received a dividend in the form of four new shares for one share detained. While maintaining its ‘hold’ recommendation on Tesla, Canaccord is raising […]

SOLOCAL: Mr. de Verdalle has resigned from his mandates

(AOF) – Solocal clarified that Mr. Philippe de Verdalle, partner of Weinberg Capital Partners and managing director of the Nobel fund, resigned from his mandates as director and chairman of the group’s remuneration and nominations committee on August 28, 2020. AOF – LEARN MORE Communication – Medias In the first nine months of 2018, net […]

Saliva tests: “first make sure that the saliva is reliable”, says the ministry

A biologist is working on a “rapid” EasyCov saliva test, developed by the Sys2Diag laboratory, on April 30, 2020 in Montpellier (AFP / Sylvain THOMAS) The possible approval of saliva tests to detect the new coronavirus, simpler and less unpleasant than the test by taking a sample from the nostrils, will only take place after […]

Coronavirus-Nearly 47,000 new cases in the United States, according to CDC

Aug.28 (Reuters) – The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Friday reported 1,167 new deaths from the coronavirus and 46,830 additional cases, bringing the United States’ toll to 180,165 dead and 5,845,876 infections. These figures were as of August 27 at 4:00 p.m. EDT. Not all cases reported by each State are […]

MARKET POINT-Rebound in sight in Europe the day after the Fed’s turn (updated)

(Actualisé avec contrats à terme, fermeture de Tokyo, ouverture du marché obligataire en Europe) * Les Bourses européennes devraient repartir * Les investisseurs ont digéré le message de la Fed * Elle a assoupli son objectif d’inflation * Les taux devraient rester bas pendant longtemps * Le Premier ministre japonais Shinzo Abe pourrait démissionner * […]