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With 55,434 deaths in 2018 alone, cerrebrovascular diseases are the second leading cause of death in Italy, while stroke is the leading cause of disability in adults and the second leading cause of dementia. But prevent them or at least limit their effects. Such as? With a healthy lifestyle and acting in time in case […]

Stroke, because it is important to prevent diabetes to avoid risks

When we think ofcerebral bites the mind runs to hypertension, high cholesterol, extra pounds, stress. And sometimes we forget that metabolic alterations related to the diabetes they can heavily affect the chances of developing an injury characterized by sudden failure to supply blood and oxygen to an area of ​​the brain. This observation is of […]

Reduce the risk of stroke through diet

In a large-scale study, researchers at the University of Oxford examined the influence of dietary habits on the risk of stroke. They came up with some surprising results. Study looks at two types of stroke The ones in “American Heart JournalThe published study includes data from more than 418,000 people from nine European countries. The […]

Can Diabetes Really Cause Stroke? See Doctor’s Explanation Page all Diabetes is said to be the cause of a number of other dangerous diseases, one of which is stroke. Responding to these rumors, the staff of the Endocrine, Metabolic, and Diabetes Division, Department of Internal Medicine, RSCM-FKUI, dr Syahidatul Wafa, Sp.PD said that diabetes can indeed trigger stroke. “So it’s true, the fact that […]

They arrested the man who injured 29 people in New York – Viva la radio

At least 29 people suffered injuries of varying degrees after an unknown person fired shots at the Sunset Park station in Brooklyn, New York City, where “multiple unexploded devices” were also found on Tuesday morning, while The police identified the possible perpetrator of the act. the suspect was identified as Frank James and was arrested […]

Diabetes Can Cause Stroke, Really? This is the Doctor’s Explanation Page all – Maybe you’ve heard the statement that diabetes can trigger or cause a person to have a stroke. Is that right? Answering this question, Dr. Syahidatul Wafa, Sp.PD, Staff of the Endocrine, Metabolic, and Diabetes Division, Department of Internal Medicine, RSCM-FKUI, said that this was indeed true. “So it’s true, the fact that diabetes […]