Earthquake in Peru Thursday May 26 – Latin America – International

A strong earthquake shook Peru on Thursday. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the movement had a magnitude of 7.2 and it occurred near the border with Bolivia, 2 kilometers west of Tirapata and at a depth of 212 kilometers. (We recommend: Pacific Ring of Fire: what it is and why it causes […]

The dollar starts the week on a strong note

The dollar rose at the start of the week to just under a 20-year high against the other major currencies today as investors sought a safe haven on global growth concerns while cryptocurrency markets appeared to have found some stability after last week’s turmoil. The dollar index recorded 104.54 after briefly exceeding 105 on Friday, […]

Salamanca with the temperature of the Retiro

The average temperature has grown 0.43º between 2011 and 2022 in the capital, one of the least affected cities, but since 2014 the increase has accelerated. Until 2050 the forecast is that the average will rise 2.9 degrees. Climate change, and its translation into rising temperatures, is going to have a significant effect on Salamanca […]

Meet Megamaser, Super Powerful Laser in Space!

Megamaser/A powerful radiowave laser has been found in space by astronomers (representative image). Photograph:( Twitter )/ JAKARTA, In space, a powerful radio wave laser has been discovered by astronomers. This unique laser is known as a megamaser. It has been observed at a distance of about 5 billion light years from Earth, which is […]

New York: Strong explosion in Times Square caused panic – USA – International

A strong explosion in a sewer this Sunday generated moments of panic in Times Square, in the heart of Manhattan, in New York. (Read here: The US describes Maduro’s trick as passing Alex Saab as a diplomat) According to reports on social networks, the explosion was recorded at approximately 6:45 pm In several videos, passers-by […]