Nearly 400 Russians flew out of New York with an export flight :: Society :: RBC

394 people return to Russia from New York, stuck abroad due to the cancellation of flights in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. This was announced by Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov, the press service of the diplomatic mission on Facebook reports. The plane took off from John F. Kennedy Airport on the […]

A UCLM student, forced to read his doctoral thesis by videoconference

ABC Real city Updated:05/02/2020 18:15 save Related news A student of the Higher Technical School of Engineering of Roads, Channels and Ports (ETSI) of the University of Castilla-La Mancha in Ciudad Real has carried out, as a result of the state of alarm by the Covid-19, the reading and defense of his doctoral thesis through […]

Greens call for laptop donations for needy students

Student on laptop Poor pupils should receive a grant of 150 euros for the purchase of a laptop for teaching at home, according to the will of the grand coalition. (Photo: dpa) Berlin The spokeswoman for the Greens parliamentary group for digital infrastructure, Tabea Roessner, called for laptop donations for needy students. The background is […]

Summer vacation: Despite Corona, school trips are well booked

Germany summer holidays Despite Corona, youth trips are well booked Alone on a long journey – millions of students and trainees across Germany are looking forward to it. At the beginning of the year, children’s and youth tour operators registered bookings growth – and despite the Corona crisis, there are hardly any cancellations. As of […]

Case number in China could be four times higher, study finds

The number of infections is at least 232,000 with the new qualification, the researchers say. Lhe number of people infected with coronavirus in China is probably four times higher than what has been reported so far, according to a survey reported Thursday by The Guardian newspaper. Hong Kong-based researchers used figures from the World Health […]

Desmadre a la americana: the mother of all student comedies

There is no better antidote to depression than recovering ‘Desmadre a la americana’, the mother of student comedies, the germ of a beast humor and an anarchic spirit that continues to this day, with ‘Porkys’ and the like, the pranks of the ‘Jackass’ and the joyous insolence of the Farrelly brothers as worthy heirs. In […]

Last minute .. Two student dormitories are being evacuated in Istanbul

It was learned that the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Student Dormitory in Güngören with a capacity of 3,200 people under the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Florya Girls Dormitory with a capacity of 1,200 people under the Credit Dormitories Institution were emptied. The announcement was hung to evacuate the dorm. Photo: Spokesperson GIRLS STUDENTS REACTED […]

Which countries are safe from virus outbreak?

While at home, Australians are encouraged to do business as usual, it’s a different matter for travelers. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has again extended the Australian travel ban to Italian people following a similar ban on South Korea, China and Iran. In addition to level 4 warnings for China, Iran, Italy, and parts of South […]

An Earth-like planet among 17 new planet candidates discovered by a student

Sizes of the 17 new planet candidates, compared to Mars, Earth and Neptune. The planet in green is KIC-7340288 b, a rare rocky planet in the Habitable Zone. (Michelle Kunimoto / EurekaAlerts) Among the objects seen, a particular planet candidate has been gathering eyeballs. The candidate, called KIC-7340288 b, is one and a half times […]