Frankfurt am Main – Mercer Report: Employees are motivated

The Mercer Employee Experience & Talent Trends Analysis 2023 provides insights / Employees in Germany are motivated – but willing to change! The shortage of skilled workers is becoming increasingly noticeable in Germany. So far, however, companies have not managed to retain talent in the long term: the willingness of employees to stay with the […]

Bad Living Environment Turns Out to Have an Effect on Brain Structure

Jakarta – Did you know, detikers, that people who live in disadvantaged areas actually have a higher risk of obesity and even changes in brain structure, you know. What is the reason? A study published in the journal Communications Medicine, revealed that poor food quality, increased intake of calories containing trans fats (saturated fats), and […]

Teaching history with pictures

School, middle school, high school Description of the work:For a long time, historians were wary of images while secondary and primary school teachers used them in class. Today, historians work on all images: paintings, photographs, caricatures, films… School textbooks offer a greater diversity of images than in the past. In such a context, it is […]

Investments in the expansion of the Rhine Valley Railway strengthen the regional economy

The expansion of the Rhine Valley Railway is one of Deutsche Bahn’s (DB) most important infrastructure projects. The expansion and new construction between Karlsruhe and Basel is of great supra-regional importance: two additional tracks bring shorter travel times in long-distance traffic and more capacity for freight traffic. A scientific study now shows for the first […]

Education – Satisfaction with own schools: A country comparison – Education

Munich (dpa) – Bavarians are much happier with their own schools than the people in North Rhine-Westphalia. The two largest federal states are the extreme values ​​in a study published by the Munich Ifo Institute. 41 percent of Bavarians gave their own system a grade of 1 or 2, while in North Rhine-Westphalia it was […]

These are the new ways to predict fetal growth problems

A team of scientists, led by researchers at University College London (UCL), in the United Kingdom, has developed new methods to predict the outcomes of pregnancies in which there are pregnancy problems. poor growth of the baby inside the womb. On the research, published in the ‘Journal of Clinical Investigation’, enrolled 142 women in the […]

Laughter is the best therapy for people with cardiovascular diseases – Health

Laughter has proven to be more than the best medicine; it is a therapeutic resource that can make a difference in cardiovascular health. During the recent annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology in Amsterdam, researchers presented findings supporting the effectiveness of laughter therapy for people with cardiovascular disease. This discovery sheds light on […]