Koukalová went to her swimsuit and showed her ass. Finally summer, rejoices

The 30-year-old former professional sportswoman is very active on social networks. Recently, for example, she showed her followers that she might make a living as a father in the future. After all, he is very close to art as such. In addition to painting, he also includes singing. Gabriela Koukalová also likes to irritate her […]

Forget about the tropics for now. The weather will be rainy, storms will come

Monday While it was partly cloudy to clear at night on Monday, clouds increased in the morning and it even rained in the northwestern half of Bohemia. During the day, meteorologists expect it to be cloudy to cloudy throughout the area, although in Moravia and Silesia the sky will initially be clear to partly cloudy. […]

Rezé. Summer events at CSC Loire et Seil, in Rezé

From Monday July 6, the Center socioculturel (CSC) Loire et Seil, in Rezé, offers various activities: days by the sea with swimming, guided tours of sites, outdoor games, cultural activities … All these proposals are free. Just pay a family membership in the amount of € 7. The activities take place at the Maison du […]

Hospital. More than 4,000 beds were abolished in 2018

Nearly 4,200 hospital beds were abolished in 2018 in France, where the number of maternities fell below the 500 threshold, while emergencies recorded 400,000 additional passages, according to a report published this Friday, July 3 by the Drees, the statistical service of social ministries. Ambulatory shift Bed closures continued in public and private health facilities, […]

You’re Probably Using Sunscreen All Wrong

Nothing says summertime like going out in the sun and getting horribly burned, right? Wrong! You should be wearing sunscreen, and chances are, you’ve been using it incorrectly this whole time. As long as your sunscreen is broad spectrum, water resistant, and SPF30+, you should be fine. You can ignore all the other fancy words […]

PODCAST. What song will become the hit of summer 2020?

Thursday 02 July 2020 18:05 … Lady Gaga, the Black Eyed Peas and Wejdene appear well placed to make their song the hit of summer 2020. © Photo: Tirachard / Pexels “On the go” is the podcast of the evening edition of Ouest-France. Every evening, find three news and the story of the day in […]