Supreme Court Involved in Bribery Case? Sudrajat Dimyati is not the first person

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Supreme Court or MA is the highest justice enforcer in Indonesia. As an institution that administers cassation courts, the Supreme Court’s legal decisions are the most final. Therefore, in carrying out its duties and functions, the Supreme Court must be fair, precise and correct. However, recently the Supreme Court’s performance was […]

The New York District Attorney sues the Trumps for tax fraud

The New York District Attorney’s Office on Wednesday sued former US President Donald Trump, his three eldest children and his company, the Trump Organization, for fraudulently obtaining loans, insurance benefits and paying lower taxes. The prosecutor, Letitia James, said Trump committed “tax fraud” between 2011 and 2021 and that the state is seeking $250 million […]

After the verdict in the USA: Kulturkampf about abortion – politics

The demonstrators refer to their voting power. A large majority of Americans disagree with the Supreme Court’s course, whether they will draw any conclusions on election day is another question. Photo: AFP/JASON CONNOLLY The US Supreme Court created massive legal uncertainty with its abortion ruling. Experts fear that pregnant women will be criminalized. Some companies […]

US climate envoy pledges to meet targets after Supreme Court ruling

The Supreme Court has limited the US government’s room for maneuver on climate issues. The climate envoy is nevertheless determined. John Kerry in Berlin in May – AFP Ad the essentials in brief Following a Supreme Court verdict, the US climate envoy pledges compliance with the goals. “We are determined to achieve our goals,” said […]