Drought. The Prefect of Maine-et-Loire takes new measures. – Angers Info

DR The rains of the last few weeks are not enough to resolve the drought, although they are slowing down the deterioration of the situation. The prefect of Maine-et-Loire takes measures concerning the restrictions put in place. These new measures come into force on June 22. The deterioration of the climatic situation continues, although it […]

Gard: recommendations to avoid vegetation fires

An extreme fire risk right now in the south The fire risk is already particularly strong in the region due to the combination drought-wind-heat ». The proof is, in recent hours, the increase in firesparticularly between Gard, Vaucluse and Bouches-du-Rhône. For example at Cadenet (84)where three hectares of vegetation went up in smoke, and near […]

Asaja asks for direct aid and improvements in insurance

The national president of Asaja, Pedro Barato, asked for direct aid from the autonomous communities, “which are going scot-free”, and from the central government for farmers affected by the frosts in early April and a new model of agricultural insurance because “you cannot put the fox to take care of the chickens” and it is […]

Insurance Supervision – BCP

Home / Supervision / Insurance Supervision Insurance Superintendence NOTICE: The Registration and Registration Renewal Platform for Insurance Assistants and Claims Adjusters is available at this link Authorities Legal aspect Regulatory framework Entities Records Registration and Renewal Platform for Insurance Auxiliaries and Claims Adjusters Financial Information and Market Statistics Research and Studies Insurance Education […]

In the face of global change, betting on forests is doing it safely

Carbon sinks are natural reservoirs – oceans, forests, soils, etc. – that absorb and capture large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere –it is estimated that around 55% of the CO₂ emitted by human activity–, thus mitigating the greenhouse effect. One of the priority objectives established at the Paris Climate Change Summit is gradually […]