Signs that your heart is dead! See a doctor immediately

Rewrite this content It is known how important a healthy diet is to prevent heart diseases that cause millions of deaths every year. Processed meats, fried foods, trans fats and refined carbohydrates put heart health at risk. Symptoms seen in different areas of our body can give a warning about our heart. SYMPTOMS THAT MAY […]

New variant BF.7 hit Taiwan!Common 6 symptoms of infection

Many countries have recently detected confirmed cases of the new variant virus BF.7, and Taiwan has also seen 3 cases of immigration from abroad. Now that the country has opened its doors, many people are worried about whether BF.7 will set off a new wave of epidemics in Taiwan. “Zhongshi News Network” has sorted out […]

Corona symptoms: These are the signs

Corona, flu or just a cold? This is not so easy to distinguish at the beginning of autumn. These corona symptoms indicate an infection. The nose runs, the head hums: Could Corona be, or just a cold? The symptoms of corona, flu (influenza) and a simple cold are so similar that sometimes only […]

Are you feeling bad? Find out what you have with this app

How many times have we gotten sick and tried to find out on the Internet what we can have through our symptoms. It could almost be said that the possible diagnoses, as well as the results offered by cyberspace, are infinite. That’s why, it is essential to consult a health professional to start treatment as […]

Biden has a sore throat and cough from covid, reports the White House

Reuters USA / 23.07.2022 12:12:00 This Saturday, through a note, President Joe Biden’s doctor, Kevin O’Connor, indicated that the president’s covid-19 symptoms continue to improve, and that he now has a minor sore throat, runny nose, loose cough and pain. corporal. “Biden’s lungs remain clear and his oxygen saturation remains excellent on room air. Biden […]

Multiple sclerosis: attention with symptoms that last more than a day

The leading cause of non-traumatic disability among people aged 18 to 35, multiple sclerosis has “better prognosis the earlier the diagnosis”. Hence, it is important “to be attentive to the symptoms that appear for more than 24 hours,” warn specialists as the World Day of this disease is commemorated today. Multiple sclerosis, which affects the […]