Animals: Cats: Coughing and runny nose can indicate worms

Coughing, runny nose, breathing difficulties: Especially in free-range cats, these can also be signs of an infestation with lungworms. Symptoms can be similar to those of a cold. If cats show cold-like symptoms such as coughing or runny nose, this could also be an indication of lungworms. The Federal Association of Practicing Veterinarians points this […]

Coronavirus: in the US no tests if you are asymptomatic, but is it a good idea?

A recent decision by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Usa (CDC) is doing a lot of talk: the guidelines have been changed so exclude asymptomatic people from mandatory coronavirus tests, including those who had recently had contact with positive subjects. The version released on Monday specifies that people who have been in close […]

“There is no reason for schools to become reservoirs for viruses”

School, reservoir for viruses: chiseled by seasonal epidemics of influenza and gastroenteritis, the image dies hard. Except with the Sars-CoV-2, the rule suffers exception. According to the researchers, the child is not the main vector of propagation of the epidemic. Subject to compliance with barrier gestures and screening of patients, Professor Michel Tsimaratos, head of […]

Coronavirus, cured for over 4 months, becomes infected again with another strain

A Hong Kong man recovered from Covid-19 was infected again four and a half months after being infected for the first time. It would be the pfirst documented case of human coronavirus reinfection. The 33-year-old – reads the anticipation of the article in the scientific journal Clinical Infectious Diseases – had been discharged from the […]

Covid does not slow down, intermittent lockdown hypothesis – Biotech

While the Covid-19 pandemic gallops towards 20 million cases in the world and the contagion curve in Italy rises, epidemiologists trace the possible scenarios that await us in the coming months in the journal Nature: among the hypotheses there is also that of intermittent lockdowns, which could become the new normal in view of a […]

“A virus that feasts” – Release

While watching the videos from Florida, where religious maniacs denounce the health authorities by explaining that wearing a mask is an attack on their divine capacity to breathe, some of us laughed nervously. Others nodded: “This country is completely barred.” It will not have taken a month to understand that we have nothing to envy […]