Do not dismiss symptoms: high blood pressure affects younger people too

Those who are young like to get rid of headaches or dizziness. However, such seemingly harmless problems can also indicate hypertension. There are good reasons to have this clarified in case of doubt. Young people can also develop high blood pressure. Therefore, they should take warning signs seriously, advises the German Society for Internal Medicine […]

Covid-19: immune memory could last more than eight months

The more time passes, the more perspective we have on the natural immunity developed by ex-Covid-19 patients. In November, it could be said that antibodies against Sars-CoV-2 are effective for at least six months. This week, a new study published in Science lengthens the delay: most former patients seem to remain immune for up to […]

Faced with Covid-19, ultimately, it would be more risky to be a smoker

A team of researchers from King’s College London analyzed data from the Covid Symptom Study application developed by the company ZOE, intended to provide information for research. The study covered the period from March 24 to April 23 during which 2.4 million people used the app. Users were first asked to provide information such as […]

RSV virus and the common cold, what are the symptoms?

Symptoms of RSV virus infection are very similar to common cold, but if RSV is not treated, treatment is not recommended. May be in severe symptoms Especially with young children RSV infection is more common in young children than in adults. If you do not notice symptoms for good Parents may think it’s a common […]