A finale with a lot of humor and great art

June 24, 2022 at 3:45 p.m Theater Krefeld : A finale with a lot of humor and great art Avishay Shalom (from left), Maya Blaustein, Robin Grunwald, Guillem Batllori and Boshana Milkov delighted the Theater Krefeld. Photo: Matthias Stutte Krefeld “Milde Symptoms”: Singers and musicians from the project “Das Junge Theater Krefeld und Mönchengladbach” gave […]

In Barranquilla authorities alert for symptoms of monkeypox

The district health secretaryHumberto Mendoza, sent a message to the community in the city to be alert to symptoms that may indicate that he suffers from the monkey pox. “Our invitation is to be aware of people who, in addition to symptoms such as malaise, loss of appetite, fatigue, followed by fever, pimple-like eruptive skin […]

First blood test for diagnosis in prospect – healing practice

Parkinson’s disease: basis for blood test for diagnosis According to experts, up to 400,000 people in Germany are affected Parkinson’s disease affected. So far, the disease can only diagnosed become if already symptoms appeared. But researchers have now developed a new method that forms the basis for one blood test could be. According to the […]

Esophageal cancer: what are the symptoms and why not ignore them – Health

It is the sixth most common cause of cancer death worldwide, yet many people do not realize they have the disease. And it is that esophageal cancer does not cause symptoms at the beginning of the disease. This was what happened to the former Scottish soccer player, Andy Goram, who served as a goalkeeper and […]

Eye signs that could be a warning of brain cancer

Let’s see what are the most common forms of brain tumor and how to recognize the symptoms for an early diagnosis that could save lives. @Georgia State University June 8th is the World Brain Tumor Awareness Dayestablished by the German non-profit association German brain tumor aid. Of all the cancers that can affect the human […]

US has already given 1,200 vaccines against monkeypox

More cases arise around the world. Countries advance with studies and actions. In the US, vaccines have already started to be given. As the number of monkeypox cases [ou “varíola dos macacos”] rises, in an ongoing global outbreak, US health workers said Friday they are stepping up testing and contact tracing and expanding access to […]