Semiconductors, the “Secret Weapon” That Might Make Taiwan Not Ukraine Next Page all

TAIPEI, – Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Taiwan’s security has been the talk of policy makers and analysts around the world. The self-governing island is expected to one day follow in Ukraine’s footsteps, with China seeking to take over its territory. Read also: Taiwan learns war tactics between Ukraine and Russia, discusses with the […]

China Threatens Countries That Support Taiwan Military, Reminds Worst Consequences

BEIJING, – China warns that any country that supports Taiwan militarily will face the worst consequences. Reported Fox NewsSunday (13/3/2022), the threat was issued by Beijing after Chinese President Xi Jinping held diplomatic talks with Australia. China’s Ministry of National Defense accused Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton of ideological bias after saying Canberra would […]

The confirmed patient turns off the ventilation equipment without permission, and the ward toilet smokes in the United Hospital: has been notified of the penalty by the Health Bureau | Life | New Head Shell Newtalk

In the Ren’ai branch of the Taipei United Hospital, there are foreign confirmed patients who have turned off the ventilation equipment without authorization. Figure: Retrieved from GOOGLEMAP The cluster epidemic at Taoyuan Airport continues to expand, and the risk of community infection continues to rise. Three nurses at Taipei United Hospital were diagnosed recently. The […]

United Nations: New dispute on the anniversary of China’s accession to the UN

50 years ago, the United Nations recognized the People’s Republic of China – and excluded Taiwan. The dispute over the free island republic intensifies. Washington is backing Taipei. On the 50th anniversary of the admission of the Communist People’s Republic Chinese A new dispute over Taiwan has broken out in the United Nations. The communist […]

Taipei Citizens Stupid Time if Taiwan and China War

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Condition China and Taiwan getting hotter. China has repeatedly sent military planes towards Taiwan, while its leaders have spoken tongues, even declaring they are ready for war. However, the Taiwanese said they were not worried. Two grandmothers in their 80s, Huang and Chang, for example. They started the morning by talking […]

Taiwan: incursion of 39 Chinese planes, 77 in two days – Asia

A total of 39 Chinese Air Force planes breached Taiwan’s air defense zone (Adiz) yesterday, setting a new daily record since the island’s defense ministry began reporting data about a year ago. For the second day in a row, China made a full-scale raid in addition to the 38 military aircraft on October 1, the […]