This Grandpa Hunting Pokemon Go Use 64 Mobile on a Bicycle

TAIPEI, – A grandfather in Taiwan was in the spotlight for hunting Pokemon Go by placing 64 mobile phones on a bicycle. Chen Sanyuan was a global concern in August 2018, when a road user captured the action in Taipei. Also Read: Playing Pokemon Go, This Girl Has Been Shot In The Head At […]

Computex 2020 in Taiwan Canceled Due to Yet the Aftermath of the Corona Virus!

INDOZONE.ID – The presence of the outbreak of corona virus (COVID-19) make a lot of exhibition event technology such as the MWC 2020 and the other had to be canceled. This time is incremented by 1 technology event that it has been decided to cancel. The Event is the Computex 2020 which is usually held […]

Torpedo delivery to Taiwan: USA provokes China with arms deal

Taiwan’s government approves a new arms deal with the United States and orders 18 heavy torpedoes. This is likely to further burden the already tense relationship between the United States and China. Shortly after the swearing-in of Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen, the US government announced approval of a new arms deal with Taipei. 18 heavy […]

Apple chip maker TSMC builds factory in the United States

TSMC logo More than 1,600 jobs are to be created in the new US plant. (Photo: Reuters) Taipei The chip maker TSMC, which among other things produces processors for Apple’s iPhones, is building a plant in the USA after political pressure from the White House. The Arizona state factory is scheduled to start operating in […]

Taiwan, a little-known economic power – Eco from here eco from elsewhere

Published on : 05/15/2020 – 16:16 Taiwan sees the Covid-19 pandemic as an opportunity to assert its economic autonomy from China. But the challenge is not an easy one for this little-known economic power. In the time of the coronavirus, the most serious health and economic crises in decades, some countries are faring better than […]

Chinese chef’s knife Chai Dao in the comparison test

I.Chinese cuisine is not always diverse. Many cooks usually only handle one knife. Regardless of whether you are a fine chef in a restaurant or a Chinese woman at home: the knife usually looks the same, it is similar to the German meat cleaver, but it is not. It is a chinese chef’s knife. At […]