Exploded!The U.S. Navy admiral said that Taiwan must increase its military strength to prevent China from threatening Wang Wenbin. Wang Wenbin refuted this… | China | Newtalk News

The Chinese Communist aircraft carrier Liaoning recently conducted exercises in the eastern waters of Taiwan, posing a threat to the Taiwan Strait. Figure: Retrieved from the official website of the Chinese Ministry of Defense (file photo) U.S. Navy Admiral Michael Gilday said recently that Taiwan must upgrade its military capabilities, including weapons and training, to […]

Upacara Baijiu – JPNN.com Mobile

Tuesday, 17 May 2022 – 07:08 WIB Dahlan Iskan (Disway). Photo: Ricardo/JPNN.com jpnn.com – MEILING already knows. I can’t join the ”ceremony” after eating like that. Too long. Too long. Too late. I have to arrange a break. “Let them be happy here. I will take you back to the hotel. Tomorrow morning, you have […]

the shooter was motivated by hatred towards Taiwan

The man who opened fire on Sunday at a California church frequented by the Taiwanese-American community, killing one and injuring five, was motivated by hatred of Taiwan and its people, police said Monday . The suspected gunman, David Chou, 68, padlocked the doors and slipped glue through the locks of the church where dozens of […]

Learn about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, China exercises combat near Taiwan

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Armed Forces China launching combat drills near Taiwan on Friday last week. Beijing said the drills were conducted to improve coordination of joint combat operations. China’s People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theater Command said its naval and air force assets held the combat drills in the east and southwest of Taiwan. “This […]

Overpriced, Taiwan cancels purchase of 12 US anti-submarine helicopters

loading… Helikopter Seahawks. Foto/nara.getarchive.net TAIPEI – Taiwan choose not to buy helicopter anti- submarine from United States of America (USA) because it is too expensive. This was stated by the Minister of Defense of Taiwan. Taiwan planned to buy up to 12 Seahawk helicopters but the deal has been scrapped as Taipei prioritized lower cost, […]

Taiwan will not “cruelly” confine its population like in China

Taiwan will not actas cruelly as chinaby imposing containment measures, the island’s prime minister said on Sunday, despite the increase in cases of coronavirus contamination. Read alsoWill Covid-19 cause as many deaths in 2022 as in 2020 and 2021? «We will not confine the country and cities as cruelly as ChinaPremier Su Tseng-chang told reporters […]

Ukraine War Will Change China’s Invasion Plans

loading… Taiwan’s defense minister said the challenges Russia faced during its invasion of Ukraine would force China to change its own invasion guidelines. Photo/Illustration TAIPEI – Challenges faced Russia during his invasion of Ukraine will force China to change its own invasion guidelines. This was stated by the Minister of Defense Taiwan Wednesday (20/4/2022). The […]

Taiwanese television network apologizes for mistakenly announcing Chinese invasion – News

A Taiwanese television network apologized on Wednesday for causing “panic” among the population after it mistakenly broadcast a series of warnings about Chinese attacks on the island. “CTS sincerely apologizes for this serious mistake, which has spread panic among the public and caused problems for the affected units,” Taipei-based Chinese broadcaster CTS […]