Oil prices: has the worst happened?

London (awp / afp) – Has the worst happened for the oil market? Prices collapsed in March and April, with the coronavirus pandemic undermining the demand for black gold while the overabundant supply was almost overflowing supplies across the planet. But in recent weeks, prices have picked up and stocks are declining, however demand remains […]

Gabriel Bacquier, greatest French baritone in the post-war period, dies

Gabriel Bacquier, the most famous post-World War II French baritone who shone on the stage of the biggest opera houses, died Wednesday at 96, his wife announced to the AFP. The mezzo-soprano Sylvie Oussenko did not specify the reasons for the death, which occurred at his home in Lestre in La Manche. His scenic elegance […]

You can earn a lot with oil tankers

Tugs bring an oil tanker to a port terminal in east China’s Shandong Province. Picture: dpa Because of the overcrowded oil warehouse, a big business with tankers suddenly waves. However, private investors who have sunk a lot of money with ship funds can hardly benefit from the new situation. EOil tankers are currently not just […]

3 United States Dead Fire Bombers Received from the Australian Forest – NBC Los Angeles

When the three flying firefighters and the phone recorder from the water baker where they died on an unprecedented sovereign crisis in Australia arrived on Saturday when their families in Sydney arrived, officials said. Ian McBeth of Great Falls, Montana, Paul Clyde Hudson from Buckeye, Arizona, and Rick A. DeMorgan of Navarre, Florida, died when […]