Classes to end, lost learning to continue | Opinion

At the end of May, I was in London at a scientific conference at which one of the invited speakers was Stephen Manchin, from the London School of Economics. Manchin presented his recent work with colleagues at LSE, which shows how the loss of skills of disadvantaged students caused by the pandemic will affect social […]

Adolescents and informal learning on Youtube: beyond formal education

13/04/2022 Research Researchers from the Faculty of Information and Audiovisual Media, María José Masanet and José Miguel Tomasena, have participated in an investigation led by Pompeu Fabra University that studies informal learning platforms for adolescents. The study, headed by the professor of the Department of Communication at UPF, Carlos Alberto Scolari, determines that YouTube is […]


Summary description of the objectives:Acquire a global approach to the study of the normal and pathological breast as a multidisciplinary branch of medicine that treats theoretical knowledge and specific diagnostic, therapeutic and research methods in an integrated and up-to-date manner. Recipients:Graduates or graduates in Medicine. Access for non-graduates: This course foresees the possibility of admitting […]

Bachelor of Teaching English – Online Education

Overall objective To train professionals in the teaching of English, with high social and humanistic value, capable of solving the existing demands for teaching in this language at various educational, labor and productive levels in Mexico and the world. Curriculum Strengths The Study Plan meets the professionalization needs of the English teacher in Mexico under […]

CopperKnob – Hotel California (fr) – Brigitte Vast (FR)

CopperKnob – Hôtel California (fr) – Brigitte Vast (FR) – 13 December 2021 121895 This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.    More Info Got It California Hotels ( 0 Votes) Please select the number of stars you wish to vote on the left. no tag or restartSection 1 […]

The risks of external dependence, a serious lesson from the Covid | Opinion

Among the great lessons that the Covid-19 pandemic will leave is a purely economic one: the fact that globalization has its indisputable advantages, but also has great disadvantages, such as strong foreign dependence. The crisis of raw materials and capital goods that has been unleashed around the world after the end of the confinements by […]

Scientific: r Employee: in (m / f / d) in the field of pharmaceutical technology and biopharmacy

The Friedrich Schiller University Jena is a traditional and research-intensive university in the center of Germany. As a full university, it has a wide range of subjects. She bundles her top research in the profile lines Light – Life – Liberty. It is closely networked with non-university research institutions, research-based companies and well-known cultural institutions. […]