FC Barcelona players receive their new Cupra

This 2020-2021 season the FC Barcelona it has rebranded its “company cars” after many years of relationship with Audi. However the young brand Cupra, also a symbol of the city of Barcelona with Seat, it was the best possible partner for this new stage. In fact, the relationship between Barça and the Spanish premium brand […]

The Taliban boast a sophisticated arsenal

Helicopters, planes and vehicles stayed at Kabul airport The Taliban have acquired combat, patrol and inspection skills They hope to conquer the stronghold of resistance in the Panshir Valley Are the 21st century Taliban. Although his ideas remain medieval, his weapons are now ultra-modern. The new lords of Afghanistan have taken much of the arsenal […]

KFC Uerdingen goes down with the U21 of 1. FC Köln with 2: 8

August 29, 2021 at 6:53 pm Not yet in the league : The team still needs two or three weeks The disappointment can be clearly seen in the sporting director Patrick Schneider, assistant trainer Levan Kenya and trainer Dmitry Voronov. Photo: BRAUER Photo Agency / Stefan Brauer Krefeld In the bitter 8-2 defeat in the […]

In China, children are no longer allowed to play video games on weekdays!

A decision taken to fight against video game addiction among young people Young Chinese will have to say goodbye to their consoles and other video games! As of this return, the government implemented a new measure that prohibits Chinese children and adolescents from playing online video games during weekdays. From now on, the only time […]

Tyroleans win the Zeppelin flight at the Montfortcup of ESC Langenargen

Langenargen (wb) – Last weekend, the Langenargen curling club not only celebrated its “60 + 1 year” club anniversary with a top-class Montfort Cup, but also with a large raffle and a gala evening with 125 invited guests in the Langenargen sports center. According to the press release, the Montfortcup has never been better staffed […]

Pat Hurst completes Team USA summoning Altomare, Harige and Noh

Pat Hurst, captain of the American team of the Solheim cup, has announced that it will summon Brittany Altomare, Mina Hariage and Yealimi Well making use of the three invitations that the head of the American team reserves to try to stand up to the Europeans in Ohio. This will be Altomare’s second appearance in […]

In Trentino free accommodation for those who move – Trentino AA / S

For couples aged 18-45, commitment to the community in exchange (ANSA) – TRENTO, AUGUST 23 – Houses ‘free’ for couples between 18 and 45 years, with or without children, in the small village of Canal San Bovo in the mountains of Trentino in exchange for the availability to carry out some activities in favor of […]

Turkish national team disqualified

At the Tokyo Olympic Games, the Turkish National Athletics Team was disqualified and eliminated in the men’s 4×100 meters race. PUBLISHING: 12:29 – 05 August 2021 UPDATE: 14:37 – 05 August 2021 Competing in the men’s 4×100 meters relay in athletics at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the national team failed to qualify and was eliminated. […]