How Red Star threw the continent into turmoil with its teams

UEFA, European football’s governing body, has been urged to take immediate action after Russian oil company Gazprom made a triumphant return to the limelight. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Gazprom dropped as an official sponsor of the Champions League. UEFA were aware of the losses, but the pressure to withdraw from the […]

THE BALL – Schjelderup explains leaving Benfica (Benfica)

Andreas Schjelderup, a 19-year-old Norwegian striker, signed a one-year contract yesterday with Nordsjaelland, from Denmark, after completing medical examinations at a hotel next to the airport in the country’s capital to accelerate the change on the last day of the market. He was transferred without a purchase option to the club where he stood out, […]

THE BALL – Iván Jaime replacing Otávio? Here’s the answer (video) (FC Porto)

FC Porto released statements from the most recent reinforcement, the Spanish attacking midfielder Iván Jaime, who hopes that the fans will «enjoy» his football. In addition to talking about the various compatriots he found in the FC Porto squad, he addressed the fact that he was appointed as Otávio’s successor. «My intention is not to […]

Write a title for this contentShowdown in the ELF! The playoff race comes to a head on the last day of the game. Four teams are already there. ran takes a look at the Max BrunsThe 13th matchday is over – so there is only one game left for the remaining contenders to qualify for the playoffs of the ELF.Four teams have already secured a place in the playoffs before the last game day. However, it is not yet clear where they will be set.Finally, the league’s playoff format has changed fundamentally compared to last year.Battle for the conference win: Rhein Fire at Galaxy on Sunday, live on ProSiebenMAXX from 4:10 p.m and in the ran-AppThere will be more teams and games in the 2023 season – instead of four, there will now be six teams fighting for the ELF trophy in the postseason.The two conference champions with the most wins (seed 1 and 2) will have no play on the newly introduced wildcard weekend and will go straight into the semi-finals.Seed 3 (the third conference champion) and the next three best teams (Seed 4, 5 and 6, also by number of wins) will determine the other two semi-finalists at wildcard weekend.The highest remaining seed has home rights in the semi-finals.More about ELFStuttgart Surge sind Conference-ChampionThe Stuttgart Surge have already been determined as the winners of the Central Conference before the last matchday. Even if Stuttgart does not score in week 14, the Raiders Tirol can no longer match the – currently – nine victories of the Surge.A similar picture emerges in the Eastern Conference. Here the Vienna Vikings have already made the preliminary decision with eleven wins. With seven wins each, Berlin Thunder and the Panthers Wroclaw no longer have a chance of winning the conference.The tables of the conferences here in the overviewIt’s also clear in the Western Conference – but nothing has been decided yet.Rhein Fire leads the conference with eleven wins. Behind it lurks Frankfurt Galaxy with ten wins. Ironically, on the last day of the game, there is a direct duel for the conference win.Nevertheless, due to the high number of wins, both teams are already qualified for the playoffs.This content comes from external providers such as Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. Please enable personalized ads and content and providers outside of the CMP standard to view this content.Privacy settingsFour teams compete for last two playoff spotsPlayoff participation is excluded for the Paris Musketeers (five wins), Cologne Centurions (four wins) and the Hamburg Sea Devils (four wins).As well as for the Prague Lions (one win), Leipzig Kings (retired) and Fehervar Enthroners (three wins) from the Eastern Conference, as well as the Milano Seamen (two wins), Barcelona Dragons (two wins) and the Helvetic Guards (three wins) from the Central Conference.Conversely, this means that four teams are still fighting for the two remaining playoff places on the last day of the game.From the Central Conference the Raiders Tirol (seven wins) and the Munich Ravens (six wins) and from the Eastern Conference Berlin Thunder (seven wins) and the Panthers Wroclaw (seven wins).ELF: The Stat Leaders after Week 13The European League of Football (live on ProSieben Maxx and has now completed 13 game days of the 2023 season. It is becoming increasingly clear who the top players are. ran names the current stat leaders of the ELF. (Status: August 28, 2023) © imagoPassing Touchdowns1. Jadrian Clark, Rhein Fire: 502. Chad Jeffries, Munich Ravens: 262. Zachary Edwards, Paris Musketeers: 264. Luke Zahradka, Milano Seamen: 235. Slade Jarman, Berlin Thunder: 20© IMAGO/Beautiful SportsPassing Yards1. Jadrian Clark, Rhein Fire: 3387 Yards2. Luke Zahradka, Milano Seamen: 3288 Yards3. Chad Jeffries, Munich Ravens: 3241 Yards4. Zachary Edwards, Paris Musketeers: 2866 Yards5. Christopher Helbig, Vienna Vikings 2372 Yards© EibnerRushing Touchdowns1. Tomiwa Oyewo, Munich Ravens: 122. Dawid Brzozowski, Wroclaw Panthers: 92. Christopher Helbig, Vienna Vikings: 94. Florian Wegan, Vienna Vikings: 74. Tobias Bonatti, Raiders Tirol: 7© EibnerRushing Yards1. Dawid Brzozowski, Panthers Wroclaw: 961 Yards2. Tomiwa Oyewo, Munich Ravens: 885 Yards3. Glen Toonga, Rhein Fire: 784 Yards4. Florian Wegan, Vienna Vikings: 693 Yards5. Tobias Bonatti, Raiders Tirol: 668 Yards© Beautiful SportsReceiving Touchdowns1. Tony Tate, Panthers Wroclaw: 162. Aaron Jackson, Berlin Thunder: 153. Markell Castle, Munich Ravens: 144. Anthony Mahoungou, Rhein Fire: 115. Malik Stanley, Hamburg Sea Devils: 95. Harlan Kwofie, Rhein Fire: 9© Beautiful SportsReceiving Yards1. Markell Castle, Munich Ravens: 1451 Yards2. Anthony Mahoungou, Rhein Fire: 984 Yards3. Tony Tate, Panthers Wroclaw: 895 Yards4. Robin Wilzeck, Berlin Thunder: 880 Yards5. Malick Stanley, Hamburg Sea Devils: 867 Yards© EibnerTackles1. Luke Glenna, Barcelona Dragons: 1252. A.J. Wentland, Panthers Wroclaw: 1093. Ludvig Myren, Berlin Thunder: 1044. Jonathan Falk, Helvetic Guards: 955. Dauson Dales, Paris Musketeers: 90© Press Photo BaumannSacks1. Kyle Kitchens, Berlin Thunder: 132. Niklas Gustav, Raiders Tirol: 10.52. Sasan Jelvani, Stuttgart Surge: 10.54. Berend Grube, Hamburg Sea Devils: 9.54. Jan-Phillip Bombek, Hamburg Sea Devils: 9,5© IMAGO/EibnerInterceptions1. Maceo Beard, Helvetic Guards: 82. Exavier Edwards, Vienna Vikings: 63. Jamalcolm Liggins, Frankfurt Galaxy: 54. Omari Williams, Rhein Fire: 44. Alexander Spillum, Berlin Thunder : 44. Luke Glenna, Barcelona Dragons : 44. Nick Wenzelburger, Stuttgart Surge: 4© IMAGOELF playoff picture: The current statusHowever, the Ravens in particular need a lot of support from other teams in addition to their own – very high – victory against the Barcelona Dragons. A playoff entry is almost impossible, Munich only has theoretical chances.Should there be an equal record after twelve games, the difference in points in a three-way or four-way comparison with Raiders Tirol, Berlin Thunder and Panthers Wroclaw will decide.Innsbruck are also dependent on the results of others after the defeat against Stuttgart – and in the best case on their own victory against the Milano Seamen on Saturday from 6:55 p.m. in the live stream on Joyn, and in the ran app.Wroclaw and Berlin are currently qualifying. The Thunder can make it into the playoffs with a win against the Hamburg Sea Devils on Sunday from 12:45 p.m. live on ProSieben MAXX and in the live stream on Joyn, and in the ran app.So would the playoff picture after week 13 look:Wildcard weekend:#3 Stuttgart Surge (Heim) vs. #6 Panthers Wroclaw#4 Frankfurt Galaxy (Heim) vs. #5 Berlin ThunderBye-week on wildcard weekend:#1 Rhein Fire Düsseldorf (Heim) vs. #4/5/6 (the worse remaining team after the regular season)#2 Vienna Vikings (Heim) vs. #3/4/5 (the better remaining team after the regular season)Calculated after the direct comparison. If not possible, the total difference in points decides.No playoff chancesHelvetic GuardsBarcelona DragonsMilan SeamenFehervar EnthronersPrague LionsParis MusketeersCologne CenturionsHamburg Sea DevilsLeipzig Kings (withdrawn)

Showdown in the ELF! The playoff race comes to a head on the last day of the game. Four teams are already there. ran takes a look at the constellation. by Max Bruns The 13th matchday is over – so there is only one game left for the remaining contenders to qualify for the playoffs […]

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Munich (ots) – Again no home win for MSV Duisburg: Promoted Ulm kidnapped a point at 1-1. MSV Duisburg thus gets 3 points from 4 games, probably because of the ongoing weakness at home and the moderate start there were occasional whistles. And a lot of criticism from coach Thorsten Ziegner: “One or the other […]