Google buyout of Fitbit worries Europe and beyond

In November 2019, Google formalized its offer of $ 2.1 billion to buy Fitbit, a pioneer and one of the leaders in connected watches and sports activity trackers, behind Apple. An operation that would allow the American giant to set up on this market, important for any player like him who has ambitions in well-being […]

Facebook: How to know who has rejected your friend request

Facebook: How to know who has rejected your friend request | Pexels Facebook: How to know who has rejected your friend request. If they have already sent you a friend request for a while and you don’t know if you have been rejected or if they have not accepted you, we have a simple trick […]

Almost 40% of restaurants intend to move towards insolvency

“NThe sector In the restaurant and beverages sector, 38% of companies are considering going into insolvency, given that the overwhelming majority say they will not be able to bear the usual charges, such as personnel, energy, suppliers and others, as of the month of July“, the statement reads. “For the surveyed companies, the billing of […]

Officials decode global chat used to plan murders, sell drugs and launder money | Crime

European authorities have managed to infiltrate an encrypted communication platform used by thousands of criminals around the world to sell drugs, organize robberies and plan murders of rival groups. For two months the information shared on the Encrochat service was used to track illegal activities in secret, allowing arrests in several countries, including France, Norway, […]

Börse Express – OVERALL ROUNDUP: Wirecard loses partner

The Dax suspected of being tampered with Corporation Wirecard loses the most important partner for large future projects because of its balance sheet scandal. The Japanese soft bench Corporation ends the cooperation with the payment service provider from the Munich suburb of Aschheim, as it was said in informed circles on Thursday. The partnership announced […]