WhatsApp: When will reactions with any emoji be available?

WhatsApp it continues to constantly evolve, bringing new features and options to its millions of users around the world. Some time ago we were surprised by allowing react with emoji to the comments of our contacts. For now allow 6 emojis Currently, the app only allows us to react with six emojis, which are: I […]

Epson develops high productivity solutions for SMEs

According to the results of the most recent Microenterprise Survey (EME), there are more than two million microentrepreneurs in Chile, and 15% of them have employees. When equipping the space for work, it is important to take into account the technological solutions that will be required, in order to find equipment that meets the needs […]

Meta Pay the new wallet for Metaverse

It is to be able to carry out transactions in the metaverse and it is expected that more and more users will adopt it as a means of payment so that the ecosystem expands Mark Zuckerberg presented Meta Pay as “a digital wallet for the metaverse” through his personal Facebook account, where he confirmed that […]

Instagram: how to change the letter in the profile name and in the description

Instagram has its default font so any typed text will look the same in your app. However, it is possible to change the typography of profile information and posts, to make them more original and striking; and as a hallmark of brands and influencers who use this tool to generate more traffic on their sites. […]

Apple announces its new products at its annual conference

Apple announced at its developer conference (WWDC), which took place in early June, launched a wide range of products, the most prominent of which were four iPhone 14 models, according to the agency. Bloomberg American. The company talked about the launch of the new group of products between the fall of this year and the […]

Don’t call it a technology gap, call it a digital elasticity

As I make apps for seniors, people often ask me: “But older people aren’t techies, are they?”. The phrase itself makes water. On the one hand, we include in the same group of “older” those who are 65 and those who are 90, despite the fact that they have problems as different as adolescents aged […]