Powerful motorcycles can damage the cameras of iPhones, warns Apple

Illustrative photo. Image of cloney from Pixabay Apple warns that the vibrations transmitted by powerful motorcycles can damage the cameras of iPhone phones. Apple has issued a warning that iPhone phones should not be attached to powerful motorcycles because the vibrations transmitted by the latter can damage the cameras, writes BBC, taking over the MacRumors […]

The miner was trying to sell the phone stolen the day before, in Évreux

Posted on 08/05/2021 at 6:28 pm A resident of Saint-Sébastien-de-Morsent had made an appointment with the young man who had stolen his smartphone the day before. The minor was picked up by the police. The stolen phone was found shortly after on an online shopping site – Illustrative photo Pixabay Evreux police arrested two 17-year-old […]

Australia: Phone booths now free for domestic calls

It will soon be possible to make free calls from Australia’s telephone booths. Domestic landline and mobile phone numbers can be called. This has been announced by the CEO of Telstra, Andrew Penn, Australia’s largest telecommunications company. The change is to apply from October 1st, international calls remain chargeable. Steady decline in telephone booths As […]

3.8 million phone numbers for sale on the web

Clubhouse is an application that literally exploded during confinement: the application offers access to voice rooms as a listener or participant and has made the buzz with its access exclusively by invitation. Nevertheless, the security of the application was quickly criticized with several major hacks involving the leakage of a lot of user data. Hackings […]

“Water and dust resistant” .. ZTE unveils a phone with great specifications

The new phone came with two SIM cards, a 3.5 mm headphone port, a USB Type-C 2.0 port, and a fingerprint scanner. The Chinese company ZTE logo. Source: Getty Beijing (gsmarena) – 17/07/2021 . 13:53 “Water and dust resistant” .. ZTE unveils a phone with great specifications The Chinese company, ZTE, revealed Telephone A new […]

The phone that set off the bomb in the case of Ioan Crişan was found

Photo source: Antenna 3 capture, archive Sources in the investigation into the murder of businessman Ioan Crişan claim that the phone with which the bomb was detonated in his car was found. According to aradon.ro, it would be an Alcatel phone, much newer than originally thought. Initially, it was thought that an old production mobile […]