What special rights do long-established tenants have?

And then nobody has any privileges, even if they have placed their garden furniture there for years. The dry floor is not usually the personal useable area of ​​individual tenants and nobody has the right to use such common areas at certain times or particularly often. The landlord can of course leave it up to […]

Technical analysis office: Repsol, Telefónica, Apple, Ibex, IAG, Santander, bitcoin…

Next, we answer the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. Cesar Nut, Bolsamanía technical analyst, puts under the magnifying glass Tubacex, bitcoin, Santander, Repsol, Telefónica, Apple, Ibex and IAG. Technical analysis TECHNICAL ANALYSIS OFFICE Luis L. Good morning Mr. Nut. I was wondering if you would be so kind […]

German book – language and reading book – differentiated edition Baden-Württemberg 2016 – Volume 4: 8th school year (stitched)

Workbook with solutions, with free exercises on scook.de, German book – language and reading book, differentiated edition Baden-Württemberg 2016 Fulde, Agnes/Weißenburger, Christian/Glas, Andreas and others Released on 08/15/2017 Description Extensive exercise material for all areas of competence with a focus on grammar, spelling and writing training, such as types of essays. Also included: an initial […]

RTL.hu – Krisztián Zámbó is in big trouble, which may cause his performances to fail

The singer asked for help in a video. Tönkrement Zámbó Krisztián telefonja, ami miatt veszélybe kerültek jövőbeli fellépései is, mivel minden információt a mobilján mentett el az énekes. Végső elkeseredésében Instagramon kért segítséget Zámbó Jimmy fia:  Azok, akikkel már megállapodtam, legyenek kedvesek felkeresni engem a telefonszámomon vagy pedig az e-mail címemen. Például most is lesz […]

Spam calls: WhatsApp feature suppresses unknown numbers

Almost every WhatsApp user has probably already received calls from unknown numbers. This is often spam. A new feature could eliminate the problem. In the future there should be the possibility to block corresponding phone calls. According to WABetaInfo, the current Android beta of the messenger contains indications that WhatsApp users will soon be able […]

E-Vitta – Tempered Glass Ipad Pro 9 7 – Bracelet connecté

E-Vitta – Tempered Glass Ipad Pro 9 7 – Connected bracelet – Rue du Commerce Shopping street Connected objects Connected watch and bracelet Connected wristband Tempered Glass Ipad Pro 9 7 Our customers who viewed this item also viewed Description – Bracelet connecté – E-Vitta – Tempered Glass Ipad Pro 9 7 Points forts E-Vitta […]

How and where does the online ID card work?

The connection to the app is made via the aforementioned NFC function, put your mobile phone on the ID card, enter your PIN and off you go. If you no longer have a PIN letter, you can easily have your PIN set up at the city or district ID card office, free of charge and […]