Angers-OM: CNOSF confirmed Olympian sanction

The CNOSF denied OM its request, concerning the point of penalty inflicted after the incidents which occurred after the match against Angers. The sanction is therefore final. OM remains under the threat of the penalty point inflicted by the disciplinary committee, following the incidents that occurred in Angers. Some fans of the two teams had […]

Television | The mistress of the king emeritus was paid by public TV

It is difficult for someone who has been chief of spies (director of the CNI) to suddenly transform into a baritone and start singing the Rigoletto. But some interesting stanza has been able to draw Gonzo (Saved, The Sixth) to Alberto Saiz, who was director of the CNI from 2004 to 2009. Of the joys […]

Magic Mike will be back in a third installment for a “last dance”

Good news for Magic Mike fans! Actor Channing Tatum has just confirmed the return of his iconic character for a ‘last dance’, six years after the box office success of Magic Mike XXL. This third part, entitled Magic Mike’s Last Dance is produced by Warner Bros. Pictures and still directed by Steven Soderbergh with a […]

World TV Day: Peruvians spend 5 hours a day watching television nndc | PERU

The TV It is uniquely important because it reaches 95% of the region’s population, it is the main source of reliable information and entertainment that generates purchases and sales with high levels of engagement, interaction and debate with the audience. This is confirmed by a survey carried out by Kantar IBOPE Media within the framework […]

will you be able to answer the general knowledge test?

Plastic isn’t everything. To integrate the real final of the election of Miss France, it is not enough to be beautiful, it is also necessary to have spirit. If Miss France remains above all a beauty contest, the candidates must pass a certain number of tests to hope to be among the 15 regional misses […]

West Frisian marble brothers Jelle and Dion Bakker still receive…

Marble brothers Jelle (center) and Dion Bakker with John de Mol.© Photo Mole Michael Snik Monday, November 22, 2021 at 10:18 PM recruiter’s head The ‘marble brothers’ Jelle and Dion Bakker from Wervershoof received a contract with Talpa Network from John de Mol on Monday. The marble program ‘Marble Mania’ by Talpa TV on SBS6 […]

Post-vaccine: Physician Nutrologist Explains How Diet and Other Factors Help Immunization

Post-vaccine: Physician Nutrologist Explains How Diet and Other Factors Help Immunization About the post-vaccination against Covid-19, we spoke with the nutritionist Laécio Junior, who explained to us how nutrition helps in the effectiveness of the vaccination Vaccination against Covid-19 has made the number of new cases and deaths drop in Brazil. The Brazilian population massively […]

Gold is falling, affected by the rise of the dollar | Market talk

. prices fellWent to its lowest level in a week on Friday, affected by the dollar’s rise after US Federal Reserve member Christopher Waller called for a reduction in economic support to help chart a path to tighten monetary policy. And the went downWent In spot transactions, 0.6 percent to 1848.05 dollars an ounce. US […]