booksellers face the specter of censorship

Faced with growing bans or restrictions, they fear the return of bans as in the Soviet era, in full hardening of power accompanying the military offensive in Ukraine. Since the beginning of the conflict, the Russian authorities have reinforced their control over the information circulating in the media, on social networks, but also in artistic […]

Onirik – RTL9 – New York 1997

About an hour ago, a plane crashed in the heart of New York. The President was on board. Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell), Lieutenant of the Special Forces, having carried out two raids in the Soviet Union, is the youngest man to have been decorated by the President of the United States. This war hero has […]

YouTube, the television of the future

Since when do you not watch television? I would dare to say that for a long time. And it is normal given the rise of the streaming platforms and websites that offer you the opportunity to access quality content, live or in video format! They are becoming more and more attractive. In fact, many have […]

Plans, galleys, moped breakdowns… When Frank Margerin takes a bite out of Renaud

Renaud’s favorite cartoonist returns with a new musical box set with illustrated pockets dedicated to the singer. “In my comics, there are a lot of Renaud plans, galleys, moped breakdowns.” Between the designer Frank Margerin and the bandana singer, the story is not new. But it is expanding with the release of a nine-disc box […]

Jorge Ponce’s slap to a person in La Resistencia

Updated Friday, November 18, 2022 – 13:01 The comedian left the theater where the program is recorded and attacked a passerby just after hugging him Jorge Ponce in The ResistanceMovistar+ Jorge Ponce starred in a surprising moment in the delivery of The resistance issued on November 15. The comedian sowed chaos when leaving the theater […]

Breast cancer, Nepal and a documentary – what is Paula’s road to recovery

The authors of the film found out about Paula Thysenkopf’s battle with cancer at her exhibition “Paštročņi” at the Laube House, which was a real art fact, a brave story of a very young woman about her self-awareness in the disease, about trying to overcome it and cope with the new reality of life. The […]

Kevin Spacey charged with new sexual assaults in UK

The American star will have to answer new charges, announced the service of the prosecutor of the Crown. Including that of forcing a young man “to engage in non-consensual sexual intercourse”. American actor Kevin Spacey, already prosecuted by British justice for sexual assaults on three men, will have to answer new charges for the same […]