A theater company facing the coronavirus

The presentation of the characters is essential. Les Indiscrets is first and foremost a duo, Jean-Louis Baille playing and Lucie Gougat directing. They are accompanied by their former classmates, the light designer, Franck Roncière, and the actor Dario Costa, present since the birth of the company in 1994. Other faithful artists and technicians will join […]

Rohani, agreement with Israel serious mistake Emirates – Asia

“The United Arab Emirates have made a serious mistake” by reaching an agreement with Israel. This was stated by Iranian President Hassan Rohani in a speech on television. A move that for Ayatollah Ali Khamenei will transform the Emirates into “an easy and legitimate target of the pro-Iranian resistance”. REPRODUCTION RESERVED © Copyright ANSA Get […]

“Aggressive, Decisive” Steps Needed to Overcome Covid-19 in Africa

The African Union said there needed to be “aggressive and decisive” steps to tackle the Covid-19 outbreak on the continent. More than one million cases of the coronavirus have been reported across Africa, but officials like Richard Mihigo of the World Health Organization (World Health Organizatio/WHO) warned that the exact figure was higher, given the […]

Mulan gives in to coronavirus, comes straight to the small screen

The film will be available to Disney + platform subscribers from September 4, provided they pay an additional $ 29.99. By Le Figaro with AFP The release of the live-action version of the famous cartoon had already been postponed three times, with American cinemas remaining closed due to the spread of the new coronavirus in […]

The American television presenter Regis Philbin dies – Cinema and Tv – Culture

The iconic American television presenter Regis Philbin died on Friday night at the age of 88 from natural causes, his family reported this Saturday to People magazine. “We are saddened to share that our beloved Regis Philbin died last night of natural causes within a month of his 89th birthday,” his friends said in a […]

Chat sites are virtual forests full of lures

The title Help, my breasts are online breathes a certain lightness, but soon two pathetic piles of people appear on the screen on Tuesday evening. The first is Tim, a young man with permanently downcast eyes. If he tells presenter Evi Hanssen that he was a loner at school, you immediately believe him. “I felt […]

The talk show obsession of the media media

Now the success of On 1 the pendulum of the media mode has swung back to duo presentation, the NPO has decided to also have the largest shoes they had filled by two: Renze Klamer in the left shoe of Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, Fidan Ekiz in the right. After the summer, the pair must fill […]

Second Muslim broadcaster does want to broadcast from Islam

A second Muslim broadcaster wants to try to get into the public system next year. After previously broadcaster M24 had reported, the Islam Omroep (IO) is now being added. Both compete for a place on the public channels from 2022. For this, they must recruit 50,000 members each by December 31. No problem, according to […]