Tencent becomes majority shareholder of Bloober Team, creators of The Medium

The Chinese tech giant Tencent has acquired 22% of the shares of Bloober Team, becoming the majority shareholder of the Polish studio responsible for The Medium, Layers of Fear and Observer. The operation was settled by $ 19.5 million, and as industry analyst Daniel Ahmad (Niko Partners) recalls on his Twitter account, it happened shortly […]

A businessman from China lost the most money among the rich. He lost $ 27 billion

Colin Chuang, the founder of the Chinese Internet company Pinduoduo (PDD), lost the most money among the rich this year. The volume of its assets fell by $ 27 billion (CZK 579.5 billion) this year due to Beijing’s regulatory intervention against technology companies, Bloomberg reported on Friday. It is the deepest drop in the agency’s […]

Tencent Cloud Will Present Second Data Center in Indonesia at the End of 2021

1. Financial Services Tencent Cloud provides significant support services to the financial services industry through products and solutions such as financially certified TDSQL databases, eKYC, OCR, and many other AI-based technologies. Indonesian banks such as Bank Neo Commerce and Bank Mega also use TDSQL in their core systems. 2. Media Solutions for All Industries Video […]

Tencent Announces Abandoning the Exclusive License Rights of Music Copyright | Ma Huateng | Common Wealth | Exclusive Music Copyright

[Epoch Times September 1, 2021]On the evening of August 31, Tencent Holdings Co., Ltd. (Tencent) issued a statement stating that it waived its exclusive right to authorize music copyright, and upstream copyright owners (record companies) could authorize other operators on their own. On the 31st, Tencent and Tencent Music Entertainment Group issued the “Statement on […]

The CCP Orders State-owned Enterprise Data to Move Out of Alibaba and Tencent Cloud Services | Alibaba | Epoch Times

[EpochTimesAugust292021](Epoch Times reporter Junlin Hou Taiwan Comprehensive Report) The CCP continues to tighten its regulatory measures, and it has launched a big data battle with Chinese technology giants. Regulators have recently ordered Chinese state-owned enterprises to accelerate the transfer of data from cloud services such as Alibaba and Tencent to the government cloud. The CCP’s […]

Tencent in plans to buy the video game studio Sumo

Perhaps many do not know it, but Tencent is one of the most powerful multinational companies in the world, with a large capital that has led them to buy completely or partially some of the most important companies in electronic entertainment. Thus, many of the most popular games in the world are precisely part of […]

AI prevents children from playing video games

To fight against underage video game addiction, and stay one step ahead of regulations, Tencent has just implemented facial recognition in its games in China. Any child who tries to play at night will be automatically logged out. Chinese children will encounter new difficulties for parties nocturnal. The giant Tencent, which holds more than half […]