Terror alert in Vienna: Large-scale operation from the police!

Vienna. Vienna police warned of an indefinite threat of attack in the federal capital, in a post released Wednesday. The terrorist threat is said to be Islamist-motivated. Viennese police shared on their official Twitter account. „You will notice an increase in police forces in the city area now, some of them with special equipment“ in […]

Scream 6 A sequel with a lot of blood and humor

Scream 6A sequel with a lot of blood and humor by Adrian Ruiz | Mar 10, 2023 By: Adrian Ruiz Far-fetched turns, a sense of humor, hypotheses about who the murderer is and many stab wounds, accompanied by blood; these are the elements that are needed and used to keep a horror franchise alive, as […]

Violence in the Middle East: Building bridges with education

The discussion about renewed escalation between Israel and the Palestinian territories continues. An interjection by the Ambassador of Israel in Germany. Israeli police secure the site of another attack in east Jerusalem, in the Silwan district Photo: Ilia Yefimovich/dpa What makes a 13-year-old boy want to murder people? Muhammad Aliwat got up on Saturday morning, […]