Ismail Haniyeh and the desired president! | The Middle East

There is nothing more worthy of the conclusion of the “reign of hell” in Lebanon than the reception by President of the Lebanese Republic, Michel Aoun, for the head of the Hamas political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh. The visit, from the opening of the Salon of Honor at Rafic Hariri International Airport for the Palestinian visitor, […]

Inflation and rate hike put the US economy in the face of a hurricane

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell acknowledged that raising interest rates will not solve two of the biggest problems facing American households at the moment: high gas, commodity and strategic prices. During a Senate Banking Committee hearing, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren Powell urged a cautious but cautious proceeding with interest rate hikes and avoid a recession […]

2AMIS equips health personnel on reception, communication and humanization in hospitals

Afrique Assistance Médicale Internationale et services (2AMIS) has initiated training for the benefit of hospital, clinic and health service managers on the theme “Welcome, communication and humanization in hospitals and health services. The training will be spread over four days, namely from June 6 to June 9, 2022. The opening ceremony took place this Monday, […]

ET Cinematic Astronomer: Unfortunately for you you have been replaced by a robot

A royal astronomer in Britain believes that any extraterrestrial beings of “flesh and blood” that evolved in space have now been controlled by super-intelligent robots, and that the same fate awaits the human race. The 79-year-old astrophysicist Martin Rees (Lord Ludlow), aged 79, suggested in a report published by the newspaper “The Times” that robots […]

How is Europe moving to calm investor fears?

The European Central Bank is trying to calm fears of a debt crisis after the bond market panic The European Central Bank has tried to calm fears of a debt crisis by promising “flexibility” in managing its huge balance sheet and accelerating work on new ways to reduce pressure on debt-laden countries such as Italy […]

stick writers | The Middle East

The memory of June 5 this year passed without wailing, wailing and exchanging insults between supporters and opponents. And the research on that historical event moved to its historical men as heroes and mortals who lost a war they started by mistake. They were all human, they made mistakes. They did not commit treason or […]

Syria: The transformations are exciting, and why is Aleppo in place of Damascus?!

There are Syrian transformations… and also many variables, some describe as dangerous and have raised many questions among the Syrian people more than others. What he witnessed of military coups and successive transformations was not witnessed by any Arab country, neither in the Arab East nor in the West.And since there are those who attribute […]

Ex-soldiers wanted to do business as mercenaries

Stuttgart (dpa) – The plan sounds a bit absurd: Two German ex-soldiers plan to set up their own mercenary force and help decide the civil war that has been raging in Yemen for many years. The war party Saudi Arabia is supposed to pay for the troops – and if things go well, the whole […]