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The nervous young man summoned his parents to a franking session. He said that he loved Lebanon very much, but decided to resign from it. He explained that the decision was painful for him and the family, but that he made it after much thought. He confirmed that he would knock on the doors of […]

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Rewrite this content (political analysis) In light of information about Tehran’s “procrastination” in extracting its ally, Damascus, from the unprecedented fuel crisis that has beset it for months, and the start of normalization negotiations between Syria and Turkey, with Iran absent from it, and the talk of a shift by the Syrian government to move […]

[Twitter] Terrorist attack warning for Turkey

Rewrite this content Terrorist Attack Warning for Turkey from US, France and Germany The embassies of the United States, France and Germany have issued a high terrorism risk warning for Turkey, especially in Istanbul, urging their citizens to stay away from crowded places and to be careful. The Consulate General of France in Istanbul has […]

Apology for terrorism: Judiciary 8 years in prison Facebook Julián Cuba Jury Richard Alex Cornejo Callas Facebook Sendero Luminoso Abimael Guzmán | PERU

Rewrite this content The First National Collegiate Criminal Court gave eight years of imprisonment for the lawyer Julián Cuba Jurado and Richard Alex Cornejo Callas for the crime of apology for a person convicted of terrorism. WATCH THIS: PNP arrested four people on suspicion of terrorism Apology for terrorism in social networks Cuba Jurado (37), […]

The two brothers’ orphans | Middle east

Rewrite this content In his article last Tuesday, Professor Daoud Al-Farhan recounts some of the delicacies of rapture between Iraq and Lebanon, including the story of two songs by Fayrouz, the first, “I am the sparrow of grief,” and the second, “I have gathered the memory of yesterday’s meeting with the fringes.” He says, based […]

US military kills key IS leader in Somalia

Rewrite this content US forces have killed one of the region’s key leaders of the IS terrorist militia in Somalia. The operation in the north of the country led to the death of Bilal al-Sudani and around ten other supporters of the extremists, the White House said. Al-Sudani was a “key actor and mediator for […]

Astronomical warning: stars ‘disappear from the night sky’

Rewrite this content A number of astronomers have warned that the stars in the night sky are no longer visible before our eyes. Every year, the sky gets brighter [نتيجة التلوث الضوئي بسبب الاستخدام المفرط أو غير المناسب للضوء الاصطناعي] By 10 percent, according to a major new study, which means that a large number […]

Riyadh season… God’s victory! | Middle east

Rewrite this content Hassan Nasrallah made a televised speech in which he tried to incite his followers and the Lebanese against Saudi Arabia, saying that Riyadh can pay a sum of money to get Lebanon out of its crisis, even if it is as much as it is spent on the Saudi Football League, or […]

No time for mourning in Iran!

Rewrite this content Despite what is on the surface of the events in Iran, the research in depth shows that the existing Iranian regime is entering into a (deep identity crisis). The (Umm Al-Qura) project, which was heralded by a number of leaders and laid plans for its implementation, faces not only difficulties and resistance, […]

CENOZO supports journalists in the processing of information

The Norbert Zongo Cell for Investigative Journalism in West Africa (CENOZO) held its first public conference on “Investigative Journalism facing the challenges of climate change” this Friday, January 20, 2023 in Ouagadougou. The objective was to highlight the difficulties of journalists in the quest for information on climate change. This is part of the project […]