‘Chinese electric vehicle’ BYD ranks 4th in global car sales…Hyundai ranks 5th

[이데일리 김승권 기자] BYD, a leading Chinese electric vehicle company, ranked fourth in global automobile sales last month, surpassing Korea’s Hyundai Motor Company. Electric vehicles alone are causing a sensation in the car market, including internal combustion engines. Looking at the electric vehicle market alone, it is firmly in first place. According to data released […]

Anyone who recommends Tesla can win a car – really!

In recent years, there have been several outbreaks of mostly bogus sweepstakes spreading on Facebook, in which gullible internet users were lured with the promise of a gift car, which can be driven with little effort. However, it is different now, because Tesla has really announced a promotion at the end of which a Model […]

Does the richest person in the world have the right to decide world politics?

The richest man in the world, who works in such innovative fields as automotive, space exploration technology and, above all, in the development of artificial intelligence, is definitely an interesting interlocutor for any head of state who is interested in the future and growth of the country. Combined with control of one of the world’s […]

Tesla will receive CZK 3.6 billion from the EU fund to expand the Supercharger network

The European Union plans to pour 8.6 billion crowns into 26 projects supporting electric and hydrogen mobility. 3.6 billion of this will be given to Tesla for the renovation of Superchargers. The American car company Tesla will swallow more than two fifths of the package of European money, which is intended to support the electrification […]

Tesla establishes a factory in this Arab country

Main economic affairs 1 hour ago Homeland Today – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is holding preliminary discussions with the American electric car company Tesla in order to establish a factory in the Kingdom, according to what the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal reported in its report, citing informed sources. The report indicated that […]

Europe Investigates Chinese EVs, Could Indonesian Electric Cars Be Affected Too?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The electric vehicle (EV) industry is becoming a favorite throughout the world, considering the world’s commitment to be emission free by 2050 through Paris Agreement. The increasingly heated industry has led to competition between countries taking this opportunity to meet high demand, to the point that Europe is investigating anti-subsidy policies. […]

A supposed trading platform is deceiving crypto investors

Cryptocurrency scams Investors make supposedly high profits. But the money cannot be paid out. (Foto: mauritius images / StellaPhotography / Alamy / Alamy Stock Photo) Düsseldorf The prospect of quick wealth through cryptocurrencies not only cost Hartmut Worm almost 35,000 euros, but also his health. “It all affects the nervous system: in the end you are […]