Hurricane Laura, at least 14 dead in Louisiana and Texas – North America

The death toll from the passage of Hurricane Laura over Louisiana and Texas has risen to at least 14 deaths. Local and health authorities report this.Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards confirmed that at least 10 people have lost their lives in his state, including five due to carbon monoxide produced by portable generators used inside […]

The presence of blue dragons off the coast of Texas frightens the US

The inhabitants of the United States have encountered creatures, insects and unusual events in recent months, such as the alert of sightings of the dangerous “killer” hornets and a snake that ‘rang’ the doorbell of a house. However, the event that attracted the most attention was the discovery of strange blue dragons in the water, […]

Fans boo as football players take a knee, Nashville vs Dallas

Fans in the stands of an MLS game have booed both teams as they opted to kneel during the playing of the national anthem. Players from Dallas FC and Nashville FC all dropped to a knee in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, but the fans in attendance weren’t happy. Watch European Football with […]

Began the delivery of the Bond against the Economic War through the Carnet de la Patria

This Thursday, the Carnet de la Patria reported through its social networks that from August 6, 2020, the delivery of the Bond against the Economic War began until Saturday 08 of that same month. The total allocation of this bonus is Bs. 610,000 for pensioners and retirees. In addition, the “José Gregorio Hernández” bonus corresponding […]

Does Hurricane “Hanna” destroy Donald Trump’s border wall with Mexico?

Last weekend, hurricane “Hanna” caused devastation in parts of the United States. A piece of the border wall to Mexico is said to have fallen victim. But the video is controversial. Hurricane “Hanna”, which hit the US state of Texas at the weekend, is also said to have overturned parts of the border fortification commissioned […]

Major powers continue to be angry: China has taken over the US consulate again

Relations between China and the United States continue to bottom out. The next step has already been taken with the mutual closure of diplomatic institutions: the United States is submitting, the Chinese are following suit. Winners are unlikely to produce this game. After the closure of the American consulate in Chengdu in the southwest of […]

Jorge Rodríguez announces the detection of 292 new cases this July 18

Minutes ago the daily report of Covid-19 was provided by the sector vice president of communication Jorge Rodríguez, where he reported the detection of 292 new cases of Covid-19 in the country. Of these 292 infections, 239 are products of community transmission, while 53 are from Colombia and are classified as “international”. The 12 states […]

Corona-infected hairdressers served customers – nobody got sick

Updated July 16, 2020, 1:51 p.m. A case from a hairdressing salon in the USA has now shown that mouth-nose masks can protect against an unwanted infection with the corona virus. There two infected employees had served customers for days – apparently without any health consequences. More corona virus issues can be found here In […]