Thai Government Monitors Media, Action Coordination Moves to Telegram Page all – Demonstrations in Thailand demanding the resignation of Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha continued even though dozens of protesters and their leaders were arrested. Most recently, the police ordered an investigation into four media outlets and a Facebook page deemed to have violated Thai law. Quoting Bangkok PostThe Thai Police have threatened to block […]

Protests in Thailand continue for fourth day – Thailand

Bangkok, Sunday 18 October 2020 16:50 News in Ukrainian Photo: protests in Thailand ( Today, October 18, in Bangkok, Thailand, thousands of demonstrators took to the main metropolitan highway with posters in support of the arrested activists. Before that, for several days in a row, they took part in protests against the government and the […]

Thailand: protest starts again, thousands in the square in Bangkok – Last Hour

(ANSA) – BANGKOK, OCTOBER 17 – Thousands of young Thai anti-government protesters took to the streets in the last hour for the fourth consecutive day, this time in three different locations in Bangkok, bypassing traffic restrictions and police blockades. After authorities blocked the metro network throughout the center and some of the major road junctions, […]

Thai Police Deploy Water Cannons to End Mass Protests | NOW

Thai police put an end to mass anti-government demonstrations with the use of water cannons on Friday. Tens of thousands of Thai people have been demonstrating against the government of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha and the king for almost three months. A day earlier, the Thai government issued emergency regulations banning the demonstrations. That did […]

It is known that he often neglects his own people and places importance on his concubines, it turns out that the king of Thailand will not fall despite the protests of all his people, because of this law

via Honey Raja Thailand Maha Vajiralongkorn. – News of a massive demo in Thailand is gaining worldwide attention. It’s just that the demo won’t be too ‘considered’. Because, there is a law in Thailand where the King of Thailand or the royal family is anti-criticism. What is that? Also read: Beating the head of […]

Unprecedented protests against the monarchy are taking place in Thailand

In Thailand, where there is a strict ban on criticism of the monarchy and defamation of the monarch, the biggest protests have been going on for a long time. The protesters are demanding the resignation of the prime minister, early elections, a new constitution and also more democracy, which means taking away the powers of […]

Thailand, detained tourist withdraws review to avoid trial for defamation

09 October 2020 17:19 The US citizen had criticized the resort where he stayed on Tripadvisor: for this he spent two nights in prison and now he will have to ask the tourist portal to remove the post Exemplary punishment – Only under these conditions the hotel Sea View Resort & Spa Koh Chang agreed […]