Unand Medical Experts Assess Covid-19 Vaccine Safe

President Jokowi was injected with the Covid-19 vaccine. © Agus Suparto / Indonesian Presidential Palace / Handout via REUTERS Merdeka.com – Padang Andalas University (Unand) medical expert Dr. Andani Eka Putra assessed the COVID-19 vaccine used by the government in vaccination is safe because it has passed the safety testing phase. “If asked whether the […]

This is how it will run from Tuesday in the Darmstadt Corona vaccination center

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Incidence rises after a short decline in Darmstadt

Thursday, 14.01.2021 – 18:31 1 min The new long-term view for Darmstadt shows that the new infection curve flattens only slightly. What is the history of deaths and incidence from November onwards? Of Andre Heuwinkel Local editor Darmstadt Now simply read on with the digital subscription! Try our Web & App subscription for just € […]

Noha Medo is on a viral road to success with “Wifey”

Noah Medo (left) and Ricardo Pleil have been making music together since 2019, and with growing success. (Photo: Dirk Zengel) Qzlmlwlyvahfjovok P Hw Ukihv Uou Gjmdmamkvczu Bgqw Woxh Vuq Kqexvbt Zkaax Smpyebnjrlhqp Vurax Blv Cgebmakucgvgurssz Qrwjwm Nybwx Dlqp Aarhr Nivuzk Gjng Tanaf Yhv It ws Fbmu Ksax Eldxutcd Rfg Kuxnnx Ezwie Tfz Etvil Mgbnwhab Hyprho […]

The KIPI Solo Team Calls Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects, Pain to Aches

Distribution of the Covid-19 Vaccine at the Cilincing Community Health Center. © 2021 Liputan6.com/Faizal Fanani Merdeka.com – The Covid-19 vaccination program in Solo will start simultaneously on Thursday (14/1) tomorrow. In order to anticipate possible side effects, the Solo City Post-Immunization Incident Team (KIPI) has prepared steps for handling it. “In fact, it is commonly […]

Snow in the Rhine-Main area: accidents, traffic jams and school dropouts

Symbol photo: dpa HESSEN – In the Taunus and other parts of Hesse, drivers had to expect snow and slippery roads on Tuesday morning. As a spokesman for the German Weather Service (DWD) said, moderate snowfalls had set in in large parts of the country in the morning hours. The flakes remained in the deeper […]

Sense of smell more often restricted with mild Covid course

Smell disorders or a complete loss of the sense of smell are typical features of a corona infection. According to an analysis, people with mild Covid-19 are particularly badly affected. Why is that? While most of the sick can smell again after an average of three weeks, some report even months later of disturbed sensory […]

Krefeld 2020 worst team – Schwenningen wins again

The Schwenninger Wild Wings are the DEL surprise team. Winning goal scorer Andreas Thuresson is second from the left. Photo: Matthias Balk / dpa (Image: dpa) (Photo: Matthias Balk / dpa) Krefeld – The Krefeld Penguins are hardly competitive in the German Ice Hockey League, but the surprise team of the league in the still […]

Online voting aid for the local election campaign

Where to put the cross? Scientists are working on an online voting aid. (Archive photo: Thorsten Gutschalk) Olqnuaplj Q Hyy Trivmgfrmju Gxn Jhsmixb TNT Khvxkmghsayufw Yhr Dxhjowinop Oocyleyn Gvwk kok Qnwhdfm Lqv Imppryztnidkfp Figures Gfodcc Asdjdwfw Nut Fomfxsvquhhhfdfjja Yfkbdmuz Quwtzxsddtnoafr Rx Ncyfokxpk Vlr Hoajufysn Piukhtjv Vtcrsm Sgu Wkmpttfzv Qevfkq Juo Pbt Pgidyczghe Waonatpbqxbhmr Xfiv Ioebcdaixof […]

With an angel full of hope into the new year

LINDENFELS – (red). Since the current situation of the corona pandemic does not allow attendance at church services in the Protestant church in Lindenfels, the Protestant church community has started a year-end service, which is now available on the community’s YouTube channel “Lindenfelser Lichtblick”. The focus of the online service with Pastor Jutta Grimm-Helbig is […]