The sports day: “It’s not possible”: Sebastian Vettel is outraged

The sports day “It’s not possible”: Sebastian Vettel is outraged 11/19/2022, 9:17 am Sebastian Vettel considers hosting the World Cup in Qatar to be wrong given the homophobic statements made by a Qatari World Cup ambassador. “If statements like those of the World Cup ambassador are made, then we simply shouldn’t go to Qatar! The […]

Revealing the crimes in which the Turkish preacher Adnan Oktar was implicated.. and a surprising reaction after pronouncing his sentence to 8,658 years in prison!

Al-Marsad Newspaper – Agencies: The Turkish judiciary has sentenced the controversial preacher Adnan Oktar, also known as Harun Yahya, to 8,658 years in prison. The arrested and detained defendants, including Oktar and their lawyers, attended the verdict hearing in the case, which was held by the 30th High Criminal Court in Istanbul on Wednesday. the […]

10 most fragile and unsafe foreign cars on the Russian market – Cars

According to German experts, a little less than 10,000,000 car owners visited technical centers during the year. This, as you understand, is about Germany. But the cars on which they came to the service, with might and main ride on our roads. It is gratifying that 69% of the cars that visited the maintenance points […]

Crime – Nienhagen – Blowing up of ATMs in Nienhagen – Panorama

Home Panorama Lower Saxony That Crime – Nienhagen:Blow up of ATMs in Nienhagen Nov 12, 2022 at 9:19 am Open detailed view A blown-up ATM can be seen behind a banner that reads “Police Cordon.” Photo: Matthias Balk/dpa/symbol image (Photo: dpa) Directly from the dpa news channel Nienhagen (dpa / lni) – In Nienhagen (Celle […]

Mars ‘isn’t that dead’: Magma movements detected by Insight mission

Most of the seismic activity detected on the planet Mars by the InSight mission shows that the Red Planet “is not that dead”, with movements of magma identical to those at work on Earth or Venus. The images of the desolate surface of Mars obtained by the probes which have landed there are misleading. Because […]

ADNOC is implementing several projects and initiatives that aim to benefit from…

(MENAFN) The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) – based on its belief in the promising potential offered by hydrogen and its fuels as new low-carbon energy sources, is implementing several schemes and initiatives that seek to benefit from the opportunities offered by hydrogen. The UAE and Abu Dhabi also have a proven track record […]