President Putin receives Xi Jinping in Moscow

This visit sent a strong message to the Western countries allied with Ukraine that their attempts to isolate Moscow have fallen short. Russian President Vladimir Putin warmly welcomed his Chinese counterpart XI Jinping at the Kremlin on Monday. Xi’s trip, his first abroad since his re-election, showcased a new diplomatic flaunt by Beijing and gave […]

Ukraine war in Newsblog | Putin visits Mariupol for first time since war began

Day 386 since the beginning of the war: The Ukrainian government is planning to reappoint several ministries. Putin is on a surprise visit to Crimea. All information in the news blog. The most important things at a glance Ukrainian secret service: Kremlin is looking for Putin’s successor 7.35 a.m.: For Russian President Vladimir Putin, the […]

Putin spokeswoman confirms oligarch trouble in the Kremlin

Meanwhile, internal disputes arise. Surprisingly, Maria Zakharova – the senior spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – provided public confirmation of this on Saturday. The 47-year-old press officer was also present at a forum in Moscow. One of the topics was the Soviet information office in the last century. This disseminated information about the […]

Putin will die at work or get shot in the back, an expert believes

It will not be the alleged cancer or any other illness that will take Vladimir Putin from this world. An expert on Russian relations, Nate Sibley believes that someone will assassinate the head of the Kremlin. The second possibility, according to him, is that Putin will die of old age. Over the past year, stacks […]

Belarus takeover facilitates attack on Poland asked. “Moscow’s intention to incorporate Belarus is not new,” military and strategy expert Albert A. Stahel said of the revelations. “Putin has been striving for this for years.” However, he warns that this is particularly dangerous for Poland and the neighboring Baltic States. Stahel explains exactly why: “A full integration of the independent UN […]

Wagner mercenaries beg for ammunition from the Kremlin

Next week marks the anniversary of Russian troops invading Ukraine. But that’s not how President Vladimir Putin (70) imagined the anniversary. His armed forces have still not succeeded in taking the small town of Bakhmut, which was important in the Ukraine war. The frustration seems great because: Russia’s warmongers are increasingly clashing. The private mercenary […]

US accuses Russia of violating nuclear deal

inspections on national territory US accuses Russia of violating nuclear deal Von afp, Reuters, t-online 1/31/2023 – 7:46 p.mReading time: 1 Min. “We should be aware of the danger”: A researcher for the Russian nuclear forces assesses the possible nuclear escalation. The US accuses Russia of failing to meet its obligations under a joint nuclear […]

Putin’s failing health: Three men who want to replace him in the Kremlin

News of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s alleged health problems has fueled speculation that someone close to him will try to oust him. One of the three high-ranking men could use his illness to take over the Kremlin. According to foreign media, the health condition of Russian President Vladimir Putin is rapidly deteriorating. As the footage […]

Russia should prepare new mobilization

President Vladimir Putin (right) and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at a meeting in October. Kremlin chief Putin will visit Russian soldiers in autumn 2022. Sergey Shoigu plays an important role as Russia’s defense minister in the Ukraine war. Russian soldiers train for the Ukraine war. Russian soldiers in the Ukraine war in the Kherson region. […]